Kodak ESP6150 AIO printer truly sucks

Mar 3, 2012
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Pros:cheapest ink on the market

Cons:Not user-friendly.  The whole product engineering sucks.

The Bottom Line: Expect it to die after the warranty period, which is one year, and then you need to trash it.

I purchased the Kodak ESP 6150 Allinone printer in August 2010 and today, March 12, 2012 it just went kaput.  It started printing blank pages.  I just replaced the ink with the recommended Kodak ink cartridges, so that wasn’t the problem.  I agree with one reviewer’s comment, which is FIRE YOUR ENGINEERS.  I am greatly disappointed and frustrated with this product.  It was great in the beginning and the ink is certainly affordable.  I had problems after a month and then many other times after that.  The usual problem was it kept getting disconnected from the network, so I had to keep rebooting.  Indeed, they have great Kodak support, but that isn’t enough.  The problem is the product.  When I contacted support today, the ultimate resolution, after undergoing an hour’s worth of troubleshooting with the support person, was “the problem is with the printer” and “you need to replace the machine”.  What?  The printer was not even 2 years old!  I wasted my money purchasing new ink cartridges only to realize that I needed to replace the machine shortly after.  Kodak offered to give me a 30% discount on a new purchase, but I don’t think I’ll buy this product again.  I once had a simple HP inkjet printer that lasted well over 2 years and it was still working when I sold it.  I never had to go through so much troubleshooting operations with that HP printer.  I now must research for another printer.  PLEASE don’t get suckered into buying this Kodak printer.  The ink may be the cheapest on the market, but you’ll have to cough up cash for a replacement when you least expect it.

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