Cannot say enough bad things about this unit in space provided.

Mar 7, 2012 (Updated Mar 7, 2012)
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Pros:not a one

expensive to repair
brain-dead firmware

The Bottom Line: Buy anything other than a Thermador.

Worst refregerator I've ever owned. Thermador is a company that cannot write firmware that works. In an all thermador kitchen, not one appliance has gone 6 months without breaking. Even had a conference call with thermador engineers as I offered to give insight, one software eng to another and they have such a skewed view of reality it is not surprising that none of their appliances work as expected.

This unit had 14 visits while under warranty. Not one of the issues was ever resolved within warranty period. For that matter, the same applies to the accompanying freezer and their bit 30" oven.

Sensor wiring on fruit drawer causes main controller to not boot. Sensor panel also pulls out when you open the fruit drawer, thereby pulling out the wires that connect it to the backplane.

The connectors are of the cheapest variety and keep coming loose. Have manually rewired this sensor multiple times and it keeps failing because wires keep pulling out. When this happens, the display quits, the fan runs forever, and the temp setting is ignored.

Periodically have to flip breaker on fridge circuit to get it to boot properly. A fridge? needs a reboot? yup. Unbelievable.

If I hadn't spent $4K on this piece of nazi engineering I would give it to my worst enemy.

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