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Mar 8, 2012 (Updated Mar 11, 2012)
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Pros:Dries fast.  No wrinkling.

Cons:Lint filter is junk.  Doesn't reveal time left.

The Bottom Line: Always dry before the next wash load is done.  Clothes are never wrinkled or overheated.

A new washing machine automatically put me in the market for a new dryer.  I didn’t shop around for a dryer; I just picked the matching product to the washer and called it a day. 

My last washer/dryer set was chosen based on the dryer and I became attached to some of the setting such as no-wrinkles and censored drying.  I thought my last dryer was good enough, but this one puts my old one to shame.  I have a hunch it’s because my new washer does a much better job wringing the clothes out.  There are two washers that this dryer is paired with, the top load or HE top load.  I have the HE model which wrings the clothes out until they’re barely damp which may have an impact on how well the dryer works. 

The clothes are always dry before the next load in the washing machine is done.  I choose “optimum dry” in most cases and find it to be the perfect setting for cottons.  I have never found damp clothes after the buzzer goes off.  A load of jeans or towels absolutely always took more than one try with my other dryers, but this one accomplishes the mission in one try.  I’ve also not experienced over heating where the clothes get hotter than they should be.

I have seen a noticeable decrease in the electric bill and I think it may be because I am using the dryer half as long as normal.    

End of Cycle

I am pleased to say I have never returned to wrinkled clothes.  I think the end of cycle alarm and use the signal on the dryer to alert me when the clothes are dry because I will do anything to avoid wrinkled clothes.  The signal is obnoxious and will keep going off until it interferes with my TV viewing and I have to get up and take the laundry out. 

Wrinkle Care

It helps to get the clothes out while they are still hot, but even if I leave the dry clothes in the dryer overnight, they are not wrinkled in the morning.  There is a selection on the dryer for “wrinkle care” to be on or off.  Wrinkle care means the drum will continue tumbling with cool air.  This feature works a lot better than my last model which didn’t include the cool air.  There is also an option called “dewrinkle” but I haven’t had to use it. 

Drying cycles

The are 4 heat setting and the choices for drying cycles are:  cottons, easy care/permanent press, delicates, timed dry, damp dry, dewrinkle, or quick fluff.   


I am definitely not a fan of the lint filter and it likely be the demise of the dryer.  The filter is located front and center, inside the dryer.  It requires a damp finger to clear the screen and it hard to clean completely due to the angel.  The filter seems extremely flimsy and ineffective.  I’m concerned because if the filter is lifted out for cleaning, tiny particles do fall inside the machine.  It’s very hard to clean the filter if something falls out of pant pockets into the dryer and I can see stuff falling into the areas of the machine that I cannot reach.  It’s also a much smaller filtering area than I have ever seen before. 

Another thing I don’t like about the dryer is not knowing how much longer the load has.  Granted, the dryer works very quickly so it’s usually waiting on me, but the dial doesn’t move toward the off position as it dries.  Sometimes I put items in that I want to pull out earlier than the rest of the items in the load.  There are also times I have to manually stop the dryer such as when I’m on the phone.   My kids also have a tendency to hunt for something and not start the dryer back up.  When I return, I’m not sure of the progress.  If I push start without resetting, the clothes do not dry so when in doubt, I just reset to the beginning and hope the automatic censor works.      

The machine is only a few months old, so I’m surprised to hear the squeaking and other odd noises from it.  It's very basic and doesn't have fancy features.  The knobs and appearance of the machine seem outdated to me.      

I’ve noticed a decrease in the electric bill which I attribute to the new washer and dryer combo.  My clothes are noticeably less wrinkled than ever before and I don’t feel the dryer heats excessively so I’m not getting damaged clothes or shrinkage.  The capacity of the dryer is good and complements the matching washer well.  I’m impressed with how short my dry time is and the wrinkle care and auto sensor works remarkably well. 

I would love the dryer more if it didn’t make weird noises and if it had a better lint filter.  I would also prefer an obvious way of knowing how much time was remaining in the cycle.  I’m happy with the performance of the dryer but I’m still giving the washing machine half the credit for producing merely damp clothes to begin with.

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