summit 8.8 cu. ft. top freezer refrigerator is a lemon

Mar 14, 2012
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Pros:Looks nice when the doors are not dented.

Cons:Rude, sarcastic, inappropriate staff at Summit.

Defectve product, can't regulate temperature.

Arrived damaged.

Can't return.

The Bottom Line: I would absolutely never buy another Summit product. period.  The product is defective and the staff are absolutely horrible to work with in resolving any issues.

The 8.8 cu.ft. top freezer refrigerator  from Summit is a nightmare.  We purchased this horrible appliance from Home Depot on line. Do not buy appliances from Home Depot if you expect  quick consistent or correct answers.  Do not buy appliances from Summit if you expect courteous personnel.

For starters, this product is shipped by a 3rd party company who literally leaves the appliance on the curb.  No surprise it had dented doors that needed to be replaced.

Numerous phone calls to Home Depot revealed inconsistent and incorrect answers related to what on line home depot and the local home depot store would do to fix this defective refrigerator which cannot regulate temperature correctly.   Upon contacting on line home depot,  they were happy to say they would simply mail a new thermostat to us (not telling us this would void warranty if we tried to put it in ourselves.)  When pressed, they agreed to send a technician to us, who replaced the thermostat without diagnosing the problem himself.  Note we are NOT refrigerator repairmen ourselves, so who knows if we were right that the thermostat was the problem.  Then the refrigerator began running too warm with the new thermostat.

Upon contacting Home Depot, lost several hours of my life getting the run around, and incorrect information about whether or not we could return this product for a refund. On line Home Depot said take it back to the store, but the local home depot store refused, etc.  

All of this actually would have been bearable until I began communication with the actual Summit company.  They can only be described as rude, sarcastic and inappropriate.  When I questioned who the repairman would be, I was met with sarcastic answers and told they didn't have time to talk to me about his as they had other people on the line. No doubt other people complaining about Summit appliances.   When I asked for a supervisor, the person on the line continued to be sarcastic.  Still waiting to have this issue resolved, and can't wait to see the quality of yet another Summit repairman who will be arriving at my house in a few days, as this is the only option they will give us.  This company is horrible.  This refrigerator is horrible.  Do not buy Summit.  Do not order from Home Depot.

We would have been better off to return the whole thing as soon as we saw the dented doors, because we are now stuck with this piece of junk, which was obviously mishandled in transit and is probably why it is defective and not regulating temperature correctly.  This product is a complete headache!  Buyer beware of Summit lemons!

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