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My Quicken Loan Experience

Mar 17, 2012 (Updated Mar 17, 2012)
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Pros:The main people at Quicken that I delt with....

Cons:The stupid Underwriters in the background & their stupid requests.

The Bottom Line: My final recomendation is to use Quicken Loans but be prepared to be disected like a bug.

I received a gift card for writing this review, regardless of whether I had a positive or negative experience.

This whole mess started Aug. 31st, 2011 with my application and finally closed March 5th, 2012. It has been nothing but a goat rope since the beginning. Each time I felt we are getting close to closing, Quicken's Underwriters would come up with “one more thing” to complete or a hurdle to cross. Things were pretty straight forward till the appraisal. The appraisal and underwriters wanted me to roof a part of a shed I was tearing down, put stairs where a blocked door was in my utility room, and make improvements to my house much faster than I could afford. This made no sense at all.

They required me to make repairs to my bathrooms that would be stupid and wasteful unless I tore other parts of the bathroom out while in the process. This caused much more work and money spent just to accomplish the small repairs they wanted. I went over and above on everything I did since I did not want to go back later to do what really mattered to fix the problems they did not address in the appraisal.
Part of the holdup was a tub surround. It was back ordered and I showed that to the underwriters but they had to have one installed. I went out and bought the cheapest tub surround and slapped it up to pass their stupid inspection. I sent them pictures but of course my word and pictures weren’t good enough so the appraiser had to come out again and waste more time.
When the nice tub surround comes in, I will tear out the crappy cheap one and put the nice one in. I replaced the floors to the joists with new tiles(not required), replaced the tub and vanity(not required), new toilet(not required) since I did not want to tear it all out again later when I remodeled on my own time schedule and not Quickens.
It also seems that each time we get close to closing, they come up with some other requirement that puts it off again. This has happened over and over and over. Speaking of requirements, having to verify where the funds came from for the repairs to my own house is totally stupid. I know they need to know my financial stability but this is just an invasion of my privacy. The funds came from my Civil Service Paycheck!!!!! Do they think I am laundering money for the cartels? I know that the lending practices have tightened up a lot but this was out of control.

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