Amazing Headphones For Such A Cheap Price

Apr 2, 2012
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Pros:Great Sound, Unbreakable, Good Feel, Wont fall off, Price 

Cons:Looks Bad on you, 

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is these product is just amazing! If you are parents you should honestly think bout these if you cant afford Beats by Dre.

Well lets start this review on high note for you guys. The new Skull Candy Aviator Headphones are brought to you guys for only 149.45 dollars. This a great price considering they have high quality hearing in them. 

Now these Skull Candy's are no Beat's by Dre but they are very nice and unique. Jay-Z and Skull teamed up to make these. They come in three colors. White, Black and Brown. The best color to me is black.  The color brown is just yucky on these headphones. 

The sound in these are Platinum sound performance with a 40 mm  full range enhanced audio driver. Now the sound in these to me are more of like Bose. They are not very bassy, there just simple plain, and 100% clear. They are super good at cancelling sound. 

They are so comfortable around my ears. They have a much better feel than beats. They use a spring a spring hinge that creates a nice comfortable fit. Now in my opinion Skull Candy's look very gay on you. But who cares? If they have good quality, nice feel, you should get them. 

Anther reason you should buy these are they use stainless steel, aluminium, and poly carbonate. These Products are very strong. These headphones are great for skating, and shooting hoops. They will never fall off, and always give you that good feeling. 

So as you can see these headphones give you Great sound, quality, and lets face it the price is insanely cheap for how amazing they are. So go to your local electronic store and buy them today! 


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