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Apr 3, 2012 (Updated Apr 3, 2012)
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Pros:Vast array of settings; very quiet; no vibration; has steam setting; solidly built.


The Bottom Line: Although a bit more expensive than most other machines, this dryer is handsome, durable and extremely efficient at drying clothes in much less time than most dryers. Worth the price!

I purchased the LG gas dryer, model DLGX5102V, as a matching unit along with the LG washer. Both appliances are in the graphite steel color and they were installed at the same time (see review on LG washer).  So far I am very pleased with this dryer, in fact more pleased with the dryer than with the washer.

The control panel has several settings and a LED display that is very easy to read. Similar to the washer there is a power on/off button and a start/pause button. There is also a cycle selector knob that lights up with settings to include cotton/normal, casual, heavy duty, bulky/bedding, anti-bacterial, delicates, towels, sportswear, small load, speed dry, air dry and rack dry. The dryer comes with its own drying rack which fits neatly into the drum. There is also a steam sanitary and a steam fresh setting.

Below the cycle selector area are six additional buttons. Two of them are for steam functions, two are for adding more time or less time, and two are for special functions such as damp dry beep and custom programs. To the left of these buttons and under the time and status display screen are four additional buttons including dry level, temperature control, time dry and beeper. There is also a child lock and child lock indicator light on this machine.

The dry level button offers choices from damp dry to very dry. The temp. control offers temperature controls from ultra low to high. The time dry button allows manual time settings from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. The beeper button allows you to set the beeper alarm to low, medium, high or off. There is also a “add water” display to be used when operating in steam mode. Above the various lighted indicators on the display are the processing lights and the estimated time remaining indicator.

The drum is made of stainless steel and there is a lint filter in the front behind the door. The top of the machine has a flip open door for the addition of water when using the steam cycles.  The door has a glass panel and it comes right hinged but can be changed to a left hinged door if preferred. The dryer comes with the exhaust vent in the rear, but can be changed to a left side venting option with a separate kit. You cannot vent from the right side because of the gas firing unit located in the lower right rear of the unit. The electric model can be vented on either side or the rear.

I have used this machine on various settings and found them all to be very accurate. The unit dries clothes very well and is very quiet during operation. There are so many varied settings that it is practically impossible to not find a setting for a particular load of clothes to be dried. I have not yet used the steam settings, but I suspect I will not be disappointed with those either. Because the matching washer does such a good job of spinning out most of the water from clothes, the dryer has an easier job of finishing the drying job.

The owner’s manual is well written and easy to follow. The machine come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and there is a toll-free number to call with any questions or problems. Of all the dryers I have owned over the years, this is the finest and most efficient dryer I have ever used. I paid approximately $1000. at a local appliance store, but you may be able to find it on sale at some larger stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.  It also comes in basic white for about $100. cheaper than the graphite grey. If you are hooking it up to a propane gas line instead of natural gas, you will need to purchase a conversion kit for about $50. The kit is usually installed at the store prior to delivery.

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