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Apr 6, 2012 (Updated Apr 6, 2012)
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Pros:I'm having a very hard time thinking of a single Pro.

Cons:rude/lying reps
long waits
high prices
unethical business practices

The Bottom Line: Stay away! Pay more somewhere else if you have to

I have never written a negative review about any company before but felt compelled to after my recent U-verse experience.

I purchased U-200 for 1 TV with moderate speed internet for my small apartment. The sales rep offered me service at $73 a month and then asked if I would like a free trial of HBO... I told him "not if it is a service I need to cancel after three months so that I am not billed." He responded that after 3 months the HBO promo would fall off and I would only be billed if I opted to purchase the larger package. I agreed.

It took nearly a month for u-verse to come out and install my package.

When they called before the service was installed they told  me I would be paying $100 a month. After much debate they agreed to offer me the service at the previously agreed upon price.

There were a couple simple techincal difficulties that typically took 30-45 minutes and 2-3 reps over the phone to resolve.

I had the service for 8 months. Between months 6 and 8 my billing increased from the agreed upon $73 to $159. Admittedly, I should have been more attentive to my bank statements but I was upset none the less.

After another 30 minute wait and 2 reps later (the second of which could not beleive I was being over charged like that) I was transferred to the final rep. He told me 1. that price increases like that were common place and that that pricing structure was explained to me throughly when I signed up. 2. A portion of the increase was due to an HBO package I agreed to.  3. He also told me that if I was being irrational because why would I have paid if I didn't like the price?

Well, 1. NO price increase was ever disclosed by the sales rep, 2. the rep lied to me about the HBO "promotion" and 3. the funds were being automatically debited out of my account.

The service manager told me he didn't beleive me... I then asked "arent all sales calls recorded"? He answered yes. I followed with - if they are recorded then they must be stored somewhere correct? He answered yes. So I challenged him to pull the tapes and listen to the conversation I had with the sales rep 8 months ago together. He agreed. After being on hold for about 20 minutes (during which my guess is he was listening to the tape) he told me that he couldn't find it and that he had a business to run and that that is how they ran it. good ridence.

Later I received a call from an independant 3rd party market research firm asking if i had time for a survey. I had a couple of minutes so I said sure. After a couple general questions about services I use the "researcher" (whose name was mary and had a strong accent) got very interested in my current internet/cable provider and why I left my old one. After challenging their independant 3rd party status she admitted to working for AT&T.

I understand that businesses are run by people and people make mistakes.... Thats fine as long as you correct them. AT&T failed this test time after time. I will never use AT&T for any service ever again and I caution anyone evaluating them to take a second look. I got a better package (3 tvs, more channels, faster internet) with Time Warner for cheaper than what I was paying with U-verse and I have had great service.

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