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Apr 9, 2012 (Updated Apr 9, 2012)
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Pros:Loud, Good Bass, Plenty of Accessories, Rotatable Earcup, One Sided Cable, Affordable.

Cons:Uncomfortable, Distortion at loud volumes, Failed Tangle Proof Cable, Sub-Par Audio Quality.

The Bottom Line: This is a very good "starter" headphone for somebody to use but in no way is it worth the full 50-80USD find something much better in that price range.

A few months ago I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD201’s, I liked them enough to buy a pair of HD202’s, Which soon led me to buy their “older cousin” The Sennheiser HD205’s so far I have mostly positive comments about these headphones and I think they are a good deal for the money.
First off lets start off with the price, they retail for around 50-80 USD. I picked them up for about 21 USD off of Amazon. When I saw this ridiculously low price I knew I had to get the headphones and take one step closer to seeing what Sennheiser is really all about. My first impression of the headphone was the over look of it. I feel like the design on the headphones was well thought out although obviously modeled after their big brother the HD215’s. The all black with silver accents really adds to the style of these DJ/Home Cans. A pretty nifty feature that these cans offer is a rotatable right earcup. Which can be beneficial to both at home listeners and DJ’s, as you can lift the earcup to be able to hear outside noises better. A bag and a 1/4th in. (6.55mm) jack that screws onto the 1/8th in. (3.55mm) attached to the headphone by one very nice cord coming out of the left earcup. By the feel of the cord I felt like it was a disappointing attempt at “tangle-free” I don’t find them frequently tangling but have found them to tangle much more than other headphones with the same claim. 
On to the more “technical” side of this review. For how nice these headphones look and feel they are considerably light weighing in at just 7.3 oz. At 32 Ohms these headphones can be driven by most phones/ mp3 players. Now to the bass! I think that these headphones were made to satisfy people who listen to hip-hop, rock, RnB, etc. because the bass on these headphones is very punchy and apparent. The frequency response on these is between 14hz-20000hz meaning in all technical terms the bass doesn’t get as low as some other closed cans you can get for a price only a little higher, such as the Shure SRH750DJ’s that go from 5hz - 30000hz that you can be purchased for at least 109 USD. In my opinion listening Hip-Hop, RnB, and Pop, the bass is at a perfect level. If it were anymore it would be overpowering (Beats By Dr. Dre.) and if it were to low it might not be enough to satisfy an avid hip-hop listener. The actual earpads themselves are circumaural meaning although they are on-ear headphones the pad still goes around the ear, which in my opinion allows for a more clear and punchy feel to the music. It also allows for extra comfort, although I wouldn’t necessarily call these headphones “comfortable”. A comfortable headphone to me would be one I can wear for a while without any discomfort. The feeling I felt with these headphone wasn’t discomfort but at all times they felt like they were on my head. For example most comfy headphones one puts on sometimes they might not realize they are wearing them because of the comfort, and mostly because of them getting into the music they are listening to. After a good while (i’ll say one or two hours) the top of my ears started hurting from the earpads on these. The last problem I have with these is if played at loud volumes the music sounds earpiercing, as in it is really sharp distorted, rather than being smooth and clean.
In conclusion these more affordable cans from Sennheiser are good for several things such as home listening and DJing. The only significant issue with these headphones is they would not be recommended for portable uses considering the length of the cord and their overall size. Also the comfort and sound quality are below average taking away from the overall experience. I would only recommend these headphones to someone looking for a pair of cheap cans or someone who is buying their first pair of headphones, as they are not bad but in no means are they good compared to other cans in it's initial price range ($50-$80)If I had to rate this headphone 1-10 it would get a  7.3.

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