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AT&T U-verse

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Horrible Internet & Customer Service

May 27, 2012 (Updated May 27, 2012)
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Pros:Nothing good to say about AT&T's U-Verse 12 Mbsp modem or their customer service.

Cons:Slow modem, blocks many sites, intermittent internet service, terrible customer service and technicians.

The Bottom Line: Avoid AT&T's U-Verse internet service because of very slow modem, blocks many sites, intermittent internet service, 404 Error redirects unable to load even Google, terrible customer service and technicians.

Terrible customer service and even worst product.  The U-Verse internet service is intermittent and incredibly slow.  We have a brand new U-Verse modem (May 2012) that is supposed to be a 12 Mbps download modem.  I tested it at and the highest Mbps speed we've gotten is 6.68!  What a joke!  Also, this new modem takes addresses and does an 404 Error redirect and you can't even pull up sites such as Google or Bing!  Additionally, with the U-Verse, AT&T are blocking various sites (hello China!) - bit torrent sites I use to go to on the AT&T 2Wire modem, are no longer available on the U-Verse.  I checked the net and others are complaining of other sites they can't access anymore.  

As far as customer service, it took two technicians seven hours to install two modems.  The modems still aren't working properly - as above intermittent service and error redirects.  When I called customer service they had no idea how to fix the error redirects even though it's all over the net which is where I found out how to correct the problem.  (BTW:  Any poor suckers out there that have U-Verse and get 404 error redirects, you have to clear your cache to get rid of them.  Only thing is, every time the internet connection intermittently goes down i.e. about every ten minutes for us, you get the error redirect pages, so you have to keep clearing your cache!)

We're cutting our service off ASAP and going to Xfinity.  I have some friends who have Xfinity internet service and they say it's very fast.  AT&T's U-Verse is a nightmare in every way.  FYI:  I have no affiliation to Xfinity whatsoever just trying to warn people what a royal pain and waste of time U-Verse is.

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