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Jun 1, 2012 (Updated Jun 1, 2012)
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Pros:Affordable, portable, easy to use, and sleek.

Cons:Qualityof sound lacks at higher volume levels

The Bottom Line: A greeat bluetooth speaker if you're looking for a good sounding portable speaker taht doesn't need to be played at volumes louder that a loud conversation.

I'l be Honest, I was actually looking for the Bose wireless speaker when I found this.  I started searching for alternative products similar because I just couldn't justify spending the money Bose was asking for a speaker that I wasn't going to use on a regular basis.  This Logitech alternative has proven itself to be a highly capable superb little speaker that delivers good sound, and great function at a much lesser price that the Bose line.  I'll admit, Bose is known for their sound, and this speaker will not compare to the great sound that the Bose may put out to the highly critical sound snob, but to the rest of us, this speaker does its job well.

Size & Appearance:

The Logitech Z515 wireless speaker is approximately 14" wide by 3.5" deep by 5.5" tall, and weighs in at just over 2 pounds, but feel much smaller than that.  Its way too big to fit in a pocket, bulky in a large purse, impossible in a small one, but nearly disappears in a backpack or gym bag.  Its long sleek black look with metallic mesh on the front barely showing through the 2 speakers underneath, can fit into any casual or formal situation without being an eyesore.  I really couldn't ask more of the speaker in this department.  The appearance of the Logitech z515 is a 10/10 as far as I am concerned

After all, what is a speaker without sound?  Like I eluded too earlier, if you are a complete sound snob that is going to want crystal clear crisp sounds at all levels no matter the volume, you may want to look to a more high end product.  If you are looking for a convenient easy to use good sounding wireless speaker, you are most likely not going to be disappointed by this.  The Z515 speaker has not let me down yet.  I have used it in the garage while working on the bike and car, the backyard at the fire pit, on the patio with the wife and a bottle of wine, and countless other situations where you aren't needing a room full of sound to fight over a lot of other noises.  At a "normal" level of volume this speaker sounds very good.  But if you are looking for the ear blasting levels, you will be left with a bit to be desired.  Because of this I give the sound a 6/10 but really want to give it a 7 since for my use it's more than sufficient.


In a word, easy.  As easy or easier than setting up a blue-tooth headset to your phone.  Simply turn it on find mode, and let your device detect the signal, you can then use a default code or a custom code to access the speaker.  I have it connected to my iPhone, and iPad, and my wife has it hooked up to her Samsung smart phone and it has always worked flawlessly. Not sure how they could have made it any easier, but since I did have to read the directions I give it a 9/10.  About the only way I'd gove a 10 here is if it connected itself out of the box.


Off the box the maximum range reads up to 50 ft, however in my test, around the 35-40 foot range you start to go choppy in the sound.  I'm sure it has to do a lot with the area you are in and the amount of interference you have around you.  However, I have to report that for me it hasn't lived up to that boast.  That being said, I have never actually had to use it outside of that range since I typically have me controlling device close enough to the speaker where I can hear it. It's only in the tests that I actually test its range.  So for the range I will give it a 9/10 based on the fact i have never had an issue, but i cannot replicate the 50 ft claim.


One of the best parts of the Logitech Z515 wireless speaker is the fact that it is extremely easy to use.  It has 3 buttons: Power, Volume Up, Volume Down.  Not much else to say on this besides it also has a nifty little kickstand on the back to hold the speaker upright when you set it on a table or the ground.  I rate the funtion a 10/10


Along with the speaker, the Logitech Z515 comes with a power cord withan ample 10 foot cord, carry case, and a 2 year warranty. No rating

The Jist of it:

When it all boils down, the Logitech Z515 is not as good sounding as some of its top end competitors, but it is a good sounding speaker that works, and is easy to use and won't break the bank.  I guess all said and done the my overall rating would be a 8/10.  It has been a great little speaker for me and I would recommend it to any of my friends or family.

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