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Jun 5, 2012 (Updated Jun 27, 2012)
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Pros:Nice looking

Cons:Slow, poor quality, cheaply made, leaks

The Bottom Line: Not worth the money. Don't expect it to last more than 2-3 years, if that.

I have had two of these Frigidaire dishwashers.  The only reason I bought another was because it matches the oven and fridge in my ktichen.

After two years, the first one needed the control board replaced. The boards are ~$250 plus labor to fix. It’s not really worth the bother or the money. Steam comes out of the unit and gets the control board wet. It can only handle so many of those cycles.

When they work they are quite loud, making watching TV in the next room difficult.   It is also on the slow side - it can take over an hour to finish (which is no biggie for me).  And, this is on the 'normal' cycle.

Occasionally the detergent cup does not pop open - not sure yet if it is more of a fluke or something more serious.   Using liquid detergent is almost a necessity, since if you overfill with powder you can’t close the detergent lid.  And, cleaning out the extra powder is impossible, since it gets into the little grooves that the lid sits in.   With liquid, even overfilled, the lid will seat nicely.

It’s not that great at cleaning either… dishes often times come out with food stuck on from the drying cycle (that cannot be turned off).  I’d prefer to air dry the dishes.  As it is, if there is food left on after the washing cycling, the drying cycle cooks it right back onto the dishes.

The inside of the machine also gets very nasty.  Food gets stuck near the door hinge and accumulates.   It appears the water inside does not reach this area, but the food sure does.

The drain grate in the bottom also gets stained and nasty looking.  I would think that if the machine were doing a good washing job, that the inside of the machine would remain relatively clean.  No so.  However, I did find a dish washer cleanerr by Finish that does an EXCELLENT job of cleaning the inside... it cleans all the stains and leaves the inside looking sparkling clean.  Of course, it doesn't take care of the caked on food near the door hinge.

The dishwasher loud and half the time after running a cycle it has dish soap dripping down the door. My floor is stained from the leaks around the door.  Definitely not a good investment...

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