Novelty 14 Inch Classic Urn, Stone Color: Durable & Recyclable

Jun 7, 2012
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Pros:Attractive, durable, recyclable, nice size


The Bottom Line: Recommended as an attractive addition to your home, yard, patio or garden decor. These are sturdy, durable and recyclable.

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I love shopping yard sales and rummage sales, looking for bargains on a large variety of products. A few years back I found several assorted planters at a great price. One of my favorites was the 14 Inch Novelty Classic Urn. Although you can find these planters listed online for anywhere from $8-$15 each, I picked up a pair of these for only $5 at one of the many garage sales I visited. 

Each of these planters has a two piece design, featuring a pedestal style base with a 14 inch diameter fluted bowl perched atop, making this an attractive planter for a low price. The bowl is large enough for many types of plants including flowers, small bushes, or even as a starter pot for small trees. The sturdy, durable molded plastic urn is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and has held up well for several years with no signs of damage from the elements.

In addition to being inexpensive yet durable, these urns are also recyclable. This is a nice feature because even though I expect many more years of use from these planters, I like knowing that if they are damaged at some point down the road, I will be able to recycle them, benefiting the environment.

The design of these urns is attractive, with a beautiful fluted design. Although the urn isn't much taller than it is wide, the design gives it the illusion of being taller. A nice thing about this is that because of the shape and size of it's construction, it is not top-heavy like some similar planters I have owned in the past. I have placed some pretty heavy plants in the bowl and never needed to worry about these urns tipping. Another nice feature is that these urns have optional punch-out drain holes in the bottom. This makes it nice for all locations because it is up to you whether you wish to drain excess water, which is best for outdoor plants that may gather a bit too much rain, or if you would prefer that water not drain from an indoor planter onto carpets or other areas that could be damaged by the moisture.

The Classic Urn pictured here is the stone color, although I have seen these in black and white as well. I am not certain if there are other colors out there, but I am very happy with the stone color since it goes well with most surroundings, and looks closer to a real concrete urn than any other imitation I have seen. Additionally, I am very pleased that something so lightweight, just over a pound, is so sturdy and durable.

As with most products, I recommend shopping around for the best deal, however, these are well worth the prices that I have regularly seen them advertised for. They are attractive, durable, and recyclable, and once filled with lush foliage or flowering plants, will make a lovely addition to your yard, patio, home or garden decor.

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