Does not get cold enough, rather cheaply made

Jun 7, 2012 (Updated Jun 27, 2012)
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Pros:Looks good and sturdy shelves

Cons:Not cold enough, cheap drawers and bins.

The Bottom Line: Temperature is important, and I wasn't able to reach the temperature I wanted, even at the most extreme setting.  Other than that, the fridge isn't too bad.

Three years ago we were having our kitchen remodelled.  So, it was time for new appliances.  Thinking I wanted stainless steel, I picked out this Frigidaire refrigerator.  Turns out it was powder coated in "Silver Mist".  Great, a stainless steel look without the hassle of keeping it clean.   Plus, I was able to find a matching stove and dishwasher. 

The fridge had everything I was looking for:  Glass shelves, bins in the door, ice maker, ice and water dispenser and water filtration.  So, we bought it.

It was much larger than a standard, older style refrigerator, so we ended up building a small extension on the house to accomodate it.   This was fine, except that way the doors open, it actually takes up quite a bit more width when you open and shut them.  We had to pull the refridgerator out a few inches so the doors would open fully, as the extension we put in only just accomodated the fridge with no extra space.

Installing the running water to the fridge was rather standard and simple, run the tubing to a cold water pipe, drill a hole and install the clamp.  Easy!

Ok, so we've got the fridge installed, stocked up and water running to it.  I let it sit for a day to get itself cooled down.  The next day, it wasn't quite cold enough, so I turned the temperature guage to the lowest temperature setting.  Again, I let it sit for a day. The following day, it still did not seem cool enough.  Even the water coming out of exterior water dispenser seemed warm.

I gave it a few more days, still set on the low temperature... it Never did get quite cold enough, at least to a temperature I felt comfortable with.

I ended up buying a thermometer... the fridge only reaches about 40° degrees, on the LOWEST temperature setting.  This bothers me, I'd like to keep my food a little colder.  I also thing it would help with the temperature of the water coming out fo the dispenser. 

There is a coil of the water pipe, located in the bottom rear of the fridge, at the back of the vegetable bin.  I assume this is to keep a reserve of water cold, but it doesnt' seem to work.  Also, the coil is unsightly and sometimes gets in the way, as well as taking up interior space.

Although I'm not comfortable with the fridge temperature, the freezer seems to work ok.   It would be nice of there was a seperate temperature guage for the freezer, but there is not.

As for the interior of the fridge... the shelves are ok.  They seem sturdy and heavy duty.  They've held up everything I've loaded on them.

The plastic bins, however.. seeem cheaply made.  The deli drawer was chipped when the it wasn't pushed in all the way and the door closed on it.  Also, the bins in the door seem cheap.  Although it's nice that they hold a gallon of milk. 

The exterior of the fridge is nice looking, but I don't think I'd buy another.  The temperature is a major issue for me.

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