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White Noise 2 - Captain Mal and Starbuck cheat death

Jun 10, 2012 (Updated Jun 10, 2012)
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Pros:Fillion and Sackhoff work well together, interesting story

Cons:Nothing major

The Bottom Line: If you enjoy supernatural thrillers, you will like this one.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

White Noise 2 is a better than average supernatural thriller starring Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff. It’s a sequel to the Michael Keaton film from a few years prior and uses the same theme to tell a different story. In this, a man gains the ability to see when people are about to die and he causes all kinds of problems when he attempts to save them because this disrupts the natural order of things.

The movie starts out with Fillion and his wife and son having breakfast in a diner when an armed man walks in. He kills the wife and son, then apologizes and turns the gun on himself. A short while later, Fillion tries to commit suicide by washing down a bunch of pills with booze, and he is resuscitated in the hospital. However, he wakes up with the ability to see not only dead people, but living people who are about to die.

I found the story here quite interesting and was a little worried that it would be a knock-off of The Sixth Sense, but it wasn’t. It takes Fillion’s character a little while to decide what to do with his new power, and he finds a new sense of self worth when he is able to save the first couple of lives. When those saved people still die a couple of days later, he realizes that he can’t get in death’s way. There is a big problem, though.

Before realizing that you can’t stop death, Fillion saved a nurse played by Katee Sackhoff. She was his nurse after his attempted suicide, and a romance starts to develop between them. What you have here is a doomed love story where Fillion tries to find a way to break the cycle. He’s also continually haunted by the ghosts of people he has saved or who have died recently.

There are quite a few good scares in this, especially when the ghosts show up and get in his face. It has several scenes where things pop out and we get extreme close-ups of hideous faces. It’s just the sort of thing that’ll get inside your head and cause nightmares if you watch this before going to bed. I also liked that the love story didn’t seem forced.

As a huge fan of both Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, I couldn’t resist watching this movie since it starred two of the main cast members from those shows. I thought Fillion did a good job here and there are some emotional scenes that he carried well. Katee Sackhoff looked gorgeous in this and she did a good job as being more than just some romantic interest/victim waiting to be rescued.

This was directed by Patrick Lussier, who spent many years working as an editor before becoming a director. He’s made a bunch of lower budget horror movies, most of which weren’t very good, but I thought he did a good job here. It has some good visuals and the pacing is quick. I also thought there was a good balance between creepy horror stuff and moving the plot along.

Overall, I was more impressed with White Noise 2 than I expected to be. It’s much better than your average direct to video sequel. Currently, it is available for streaming on Netflix.

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