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AT&T U-verse

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what a difficult company!!

Jun 12, 2012 (Updated Jun 12, 2012)
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Pros:good internet (fast) and good cable

Cons:horrible company, too many issues.

The Bottom Line: If your not forced to get At&t then don't. There are better ones out there.

From my very frist experience to the very end I've had such a hassle with this company! I've moved twice in a short span. My first move I got At&T Uverse because I heard it was pretty affordable and they have DVR unlike Time Warner Cable. To start it off I wasn't in town when they scheduled to come in and set it up. They said it wouldn't be an issue, which it wasn't until I found out that in order to use your cable and internet you have to set up an account. My roommates did not tell me this, unknowingly that your bills get sent to that account. So for my month of living there I never received a bill. At&t does not tell you anything. It's like they do this on purpose to get you and charge you more. Secondly, when I moved to my new location I was forced to stick with At&t because of the apartment complex that I moved into. They made me get a whole new cable box instead of just using the one I just recently got. They were unclear on how to return the box, which resulted in a huge charge. Which I never paid for, I refused to. And then just recently, my service went down out of no where on a Sunday afternoon, lucky me when their business is closed and I had a huge Midterm the next day where all my stuff was online! I had to use the internet on my cell phone to try and contact someone about my issue. I was successful after about five hours and got them to schedule a technician to come out to fix the problem the following day. That day I had to rush out of the library to wait all afternoon for the technician to come, never showed up. I get a call during my midterm (night class) saying that they needed to reschedule it. Why? Because they said I was not home. Apparently they never showed up at my house and called the wrong number to let me know they were coming. How is it even possible to have the incorrect number in their system! How is that possible when they have all of my information on my account? To top it all off I just looked at my account today and it was a lot more than what I'm supposed to pay ($85 monthly). They charged me for the technician to come out when it was an incorrect wiring, which I hypothesize that one of the other technicians that came for someone else's apartment disconnected mine by accident. Again, I refuse to pay. With all my problems I have been able to drop the charges. But I hate to be THAT crazy person that calls and upset my day and everyone elses day for their own company PROBLEMS! I will never work with At&t again. Too much of a hassle. Although my internet and my cable are excellent. But there are too many holes and problems within their own company.

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Amount Paid (US$): 85

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