Powered Up With The Powerline!

Jun 17, 2012
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Pros:Super easy setup, Great connection speeds

Cons:Maybe a little pricey for one connection

The Bottom Line: So much faster than wireless and SO easy to install!

I use my Xbox 360 for playing games both online and off and for watching streaming video through HBO Go, Netflix and Hulu, almost as much if not more. I have always had the Xbox wireless adapter and have never encountered any big issues with it playing games even though there would be noticeable lag sometimes (it gave me an excuse to blame my bad play on). And typically, it seemed to work decently with streaming video. Sometimes however, the video would play in SD instead of HD, or it would have to pause every few minutes to re-buffer and start again - terribly irritating when you are watching an hour long show or a movie.

I tolerated it for the most part because my router is upstairs and my Xbox is downstairs and I'm way to lazy and incapable of doing a decent job of running a network cable between the two without it just running down the stairs in the open. After a day of notable lag and stuttering video, a friend of mine recommended this powerline adapter to me. He had recently purchased one and gave it a thumbs up. I went the next day and picked one up.

I purchased it from Fry Electronic's for about $100. There were other models and brands that started at about $50 and ran up to several hundred. This one seemed to have what I needed, plus it already had one recommendation from a friend.

Once home, I opened it, went to the router, plugged it into the wall and ran the included ethernet cable between the adapter and router. Next I went downstairs and did the same for the Xbox. I booted the Xbox on and it was connected to the internet.

That's it? That's it! Wow, now THAT was easy! I immediately jumped into HBO go to give it a test run with the Sopranos, the video that I had to SUFFER through in SD the day before. It streamed the whole hour in HD with not a single interruption. I've since watched several hours of different videos through it and it has run great every single time.

I would highly recommend this to anyone in the same situation. The only downside is I've lost my main excuse as to why I ended a match on Call of Duty with 2 kills and 15 deaths. Doh!

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