Incredicharge I-11000 External Battery Pack and Charger Incredicharge I-11000 External Battery Pack and Charger

Incredicharge I-11000 External Battery Pack and Charger

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Incredicharger Model I-11000

Jun 21, 2012 (Updated Jun 21, 2012)
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Pros:Does what it's supposed to.

Cons:Hard to tell when on sometimes.

The Bottom Line: I definitely like and use it as a backup charger frequently.

**This product was received as a free review sample**

I was a little bit skeptical about this product at first. After all, what could a small box do to charge my electronics. Well, it's not one that I think you would use to automatically charge your electronics, but this product will do great in a pinch if you're no where near an outlet and your cell phone is dying.

The small box-shaped charger is actually surprisingly heavy. I'd estimate it weighs about a pound actually. This gave me a little more confidence that it would be good for awhile. It was pretty plain in design, with an on button on top, and a couple ports on the side for plugging in all the different attachments. These plugs are for charging the charger itself, and also for outbound charging of different electronics. It also came with a cord, onto which the different attachments could be hooked for different charging needs. In all, there are seven different attachments included with this charger. They include an attachment for Samsung devices, Sony devices, Iphone devices, Nokia devices, USB mini B connectors, a PSP attachment, a USB Micro B Connection and the USB DC Cable that also works for Nokia. A diagram on the back of the box and in the instruction manual shows where each plug should go into the charger.

Initial charging of the the charger itself doesn't take too long. Only a couple of hours, plugged into a computer. I've used both a Mac and PC to do this with no issues. A small digital number screen on the front tells how charged it is, although it takes a couple presses of the on button in order to figure this out. With one charge like this, I have in turn charged by Galaxy SII Phone 4 times and Apple IPod 2 times. So it does hold quite a bit of juice. I've also used it to charge a tablet device and a few other electronics as well. And when charging, I didn't have any issues with the devices afterward. The charging of the devices takes approximately the same amount of time as it would on a regular charger. And the cord is long enough that I can sit the device in my lap and talk on my cell phone if need be while it's charging.

The display has lights to tell if it's on or not, however, I sometimes have trouble figuring out if it truly is on. I can randomly press the button an odd number of times and get it to display something, but I think I would have liked an actual switch for on off, as it sort of just shuts itself off on it's own and there doesn't seem to be a manual way to shut it off, or at least that feature doesn't seem to indicate it's off for me. When charging the small red light does flash on and off repeatedly, so at least I know it's working then. And I always know when I have turned it on by the red light as well.

One feature I would like to see added to this model would maybe be something on the device that actually holds the attachments. They come in a little plastic bag, but I could see that becoming lost easily, and considering this charger is best used on the go in places where you aren't near outlets, it makes sense to me to make it a little bigger and make a compartment to hold the attachments. Then nothing would get lost and it would be immediately handy. As it is I have a big fear of losing some of the attachments.

This is a handy little charger. I would take it on a trip as a backup to my regular charger, or on it's own if I was going to be away from electricity for awhile. It does the job and I'm satisfied with the results and would feel completely comfortable taking it without any other sorts of backups. This is definitely a device I will keep using.

Review by M. Reynard 2012

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