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Jun 21, 2012
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Pros:Great Machine
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Great Design


The Bottom Line: Great printer for home or office and anyone that needs to print, it is fast and efficient and prints beautiful pages.

First of all, I am a student who prints a lot of documents, single sided, double sided, colored, black and white, and so forth. I am not a big Faxer as I have no idea how to use a fax machine and like to use e-mail. The printer in itself is somewhat large, of course you need to have a large printer if you want such a plethora of functions and features. It is a great machine for the office, school or home and can be used by anyone if you print once a day or 50 times a day.

The Design - Although the printer is rather large it has a nice looking elegant design that fits into any office, modern or old. I really like the color it is like a tree brown which really fits in well especially in modern offices or buildings with a lot of black and white and glass, it contrasts beautifully. The machine looks professional, I don't know how to explain it, but if you walk into a room and you see the printer it feels like you are in a professional and high leven environment.

The Speed - If you need to print a lot and you need to print it fast this is a great machine, it is extremely fast, prints 18 pages per minute, of course thats no professional speed but for 199 $ I find it to be fast.

The Quality - Printing quality is great, the colours, black and whites are all the way they should be and don't smudge or anything that would take away from the printing quality. Double-sided printing is great because you can save paper and be more efficient, it is a tad bit slower but I think worth it.

The UI (User-Interface) - The touch-screen is easily navigable and gives pretty clear instructions if you need to do something and have no idea how to do it. The set up is easy and connects to the wifi so you don't have to worry about being restricted by a cable.

Connectivity - You can print from any computer imaginable, but my personal favorite is the ability to print from not only my iPad but my phone, and my android tablet, great little feature for the tech savvy person that likes to print from their mobile devices.

The Price - Although the ink cartridges balance out the cheap price of 199 dollars it is still a rather cheap price tag for such a great machine that can tackle absolutely anything for anyone.

Overall it is a great printer that I would definately recommend to anyone, it is sleek, fast, and high quality. It can print not only from PC's but also mobile devices which is for me at least a great plus. The User-Interface is easy and simple and can be used by tech pro or your grandma, it is that simple.

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