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Jun 27, 2012
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Worked for 15 days then made a loud sound (croaked) and died. The LG mechanic came to check it and said the fuse blew. He came to repair the micro without a spare fuse!!!!. Fuse took 1 week to order from LG!!!...After a week he put the new fuse in, but it blew again. He said the transformer was bad. A week later!!, he came with the transformer and new fuse. The fuse blew again. He said that the condenser, transformer and magnetron was bad. A week later!! he replaced all of them and it worked.

Took 3 weeks to repair. It has become extremely noisy (add fan noise as well) and seems it will blow up anytime. This is a bad microwave. A waste of time, money and the cheap cost will buy you a lot of inconvenience. Avoid !!!!

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