Great For A Starter Camera

Jul 2, 2012
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Pros:Easy to use auto focus, user friendly.

Cons:Hassle to carry around

The Bottom Line: To wrap this up, this camera works for both beginners and professionals. It takes quality photos.

This is really a great camera for beginners because it is so user friendly. Not too complicated and easy to use. It's also great for expert photographers. I bought this camera because I was new to Canon cameras and the features were just what i needed in a camera. There are many different shooting modes that work in different lighting or during different times of the day. It has an excellent zoom and an easy to use auto focus. Auto focus is always a problem for me with other cameras because sometimes it is diffifult to turn it off, but the Rebel T2i has an easy switch and no hard to locate switches. It is slightly annoying to carry around and to take places due to it's size. DSLR cameras are usually quite large, as is the Rebel T2i, BUT I have seen worse. It's not heavy but it is big in size. It comes with installation CDs for your computer to allow you to upload your photos onto a photo editing program, as most cameras do. Note: It does not come with a bag to carry the camera in when you are on the go, i would suggest buying one seperately if you plan on taking it out and about a lot. It could come in handy and it is important to protect the camera from scratches and other types of damage. If you're a serious photographer, you should definitely look into buying other lens as well, they work great with the body of this camera. It's amazing and it is probably the best purchase i have ever made when it comes to cameras.

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