Good operation, but make the beeping stop!

Jul 5, 2012
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Pros:Good operation
Easy to clean filter

Cons:Beeping to wake the dead
Top rack too short

The Bottom Line: If there's enough distance between bedroom and kitchen, this is a good purchase.

We generally run our appliances down until they break and then buy whatever's good on the market at that time. So after 5 years, when our maytag broke down, we looked into this model. After years and years of really loud dishwashers, loud enough to drown out the TV, we were looking for something quiet.

I had three main criteria for purchasing a new dishwasher: Price, noise level, and the ability to clean the basin filter. With the old Maytag, you had to use a specialized appliance screwdriver and some awkward reaching under the bottom pan to even attempt to clean the filter. Especially frustrating considering they claim to not need filter cleaning. Nothing against maytag, but that unit was trouble from the start.

So this GE model was well under $500 at the time, had a very good noise rating, and boasted an extremely easy-to-clean filter. Plus, it looks really sleek and has an extra-tall interior.

After a year or so of using this model, I am happy with it in general. We don't use most of the fancy cycle options except for delayed start. Pot Scrubber, Rinse only, etc. we've never used. The Normal cycle works well enough. There are, however, some definite downsides to this machine.

It washes extremely well. Better than any other dishwasher I've ever owned (I've owned 6 in my short lifetime so far). And, as promised, it's very easy to clean the filter. There aren't even any screws. It's just a twist of the plastic filter holder, then the small drain pan strainer and microfilter can be removed easily. I clean it about once every couple of months, and it's not bad at all. Also as promised it's very quiet. It definitely pulses, but it's not like having an automatic car wash next door. We can watch most TV shows with it on if there aren't any difficult accents.

There are what might be a couple of dealbreakers for many people considering this model. Firstly, though its operation is quiet, the alert beeper is friggin loud enough to wake the dead. It beeps every time you press a button, and four times over 2 minutes at the end of a cycle. Whoever was the product management genius behind this decision should reconsider their life choices. Bad software and user interaction can ruin great hardware, and this is the case here. Because unlike every single other GE dishwasher (or other appliance, as far as I can tell) that has ever been made, YOU CAN'T TURN THE BEEPING OFF OR EVEN DOWN.

I don't understand what the beeping is even for. When a clothes dryer buzzes at the end of a cycle, there's only so much time before the clothes start to wrinkle. When the dishwasher reaches the end of its cycle, what's the extreme hurry? They aren't going to wrinkle. If you live in a small house or apartment, and you plan to run this dishwasher overnight, this noise will not let you sleep.

Secondly, (and again, who makes these decisions?) the top rack isn't tall enough. Even with the so-called "tall tub" design, there's not enough space between the rack and the top. For example, it can't handle taller commuter coffee mugs. Granted, of course, that I have a lot, A LOT of coffee in the morning, so I have the 20oz washable mugs. I also have 48oz washable plastic water bottles that can't go on the bottom rack for heat reasons. They have to be set on their side in order to get any washing done on them at all. I could wash them by hand, but why should I have to waste all that water?

As a random criticism, the silverware rack is along the side on the bottom. Carelessly tossed knives and forks will sometimes set themselves so that their pointy ends extend outward. Yes, I realize there's an upside-down silverware school, but I assure you not everyone believes in that. So anyway, when you try to push the bottom rack in, the edge rubber seal might get poked with an extended blade. It's recommended to just be careful about it.

The interior in general may be too small for larger families. Its size suits ours OK. Overall, its bad points do not outweigh the good points. And don't tell anyone, but as soon as the warranty expires, I'm going to open it up and cut the friggin wires to that BEEPING speaker.

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