Electric blowers are quiet and always start, is the Toro Super Blower Vac worthwhile?

Jul 8, 2012
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Pros:Best air output from an electric blower that I have ever seen, easy to hold

Cons:Tests show it never quite reaches stated wattage draw, plastic impeller means no shredding

The Bottom Line:

The Toro Super Blower Vac Model 51592 is good product that should help you clean off concrete or similar surfaces quickly!

Gas powered blower vacuums have a hard time staying in operable condition in the temperature extremes of Southwest Louisiana. As result, I depend on the Toro Super Blower Vac Model 51592 to keep my driveway and sidewalks looking clean all year long. The Toro Super Blower has a few drawbacks to its design though. In this review, we will examine all that this electric blower has to offer you so you can make the best purchasing decision.

The electric Super Blower comes in a rather large cardboard box filled with all sorts of attachments for your tinkering pleasure. The main parts are the blower itself and two plastic attachment pieces which funnel the air. Once placed on the blower, they give you the option of a broad coverage area or a small piece which gives you a more focused blast. A bag to hold vacuumed leaves and two black plastic suction tubes are also inside the box.

Operating the blower is rather simple to do for anyone who can carry a two liter bottle of soda in their hand. The electric blower has a nice large plastic handle on it that gives you plenty of control over it while it is on. The overall length of the blower funnel seems to help balance it while in operation. When set to high speed mode, the blower can push away grass and dirt on concrete for a distance of over 20' in dry conditions. Yes, it can move pieces of gravel too but that is only on a smooth surface. I like to use this blower on the decorative marble chip areas around my pool to remove leaves and other debris that cover them up.

Power Consumption Of The Toro Super Blower Vac
The electric Toro Super Blower Vacuum is rated for 12 amps at 120VAC or 1440 watts, but my curiosity got the better of me and I pulled out my Kill A Watt P4400 meter to get a few wattage readings for this review. The Model 51592 Electric Blower has two speed modes which will be important for rating its power consumption: I and II. A Yellow Jacket 2883 25' power cord was used for these tests to ensure the blower got maximum amperage and give it the shortest distance possible for power to travel.

Peak Power drawn at level I; 575 watts
Peak Power drawn at level II; 1010 watts

Obviously the Toro Super Blower Vacuum never quite reached the peak potential as stated on the box and website labeling. I still think this blower has more power potential which could directly affect its already fantastic performance. I have used this blower with longer electrical cords that have lower quality copper inside and had the performance drop considerably. Make sure you use a thick cord with this Toro Super Blower to make it reach its full potential!

My Opinion Of The Toro Super Blower Leaf Bagging Option
This Toro blower also comes with a large plastic pipe for use collecting leaves and grass. You should know that there is another version of this product called the Toro Ultra 12 Amp Electric Blower Vacuum #51599 which features a magnesium metal impeller rather than plastic one in this particular model. The action of sucking up leaves and grinding them down with a plastic impeller is fraught with risk because you could tear up a perfectly good electric blower. For this reason, I have never used the vacuum on my blower.

The Toro Super Blower Model 51592 is easy to handle and effortlessly moves leaves or grass clippings around your yard. Yet its weak plastic impeller design will keep you from using its vacuum feature. Add on the fact that it needs a thick extension cord to reach its full potential and you may be inclined to look elsewhere for a better product. Still, for the price that I pad of just $70, it cannot be beat when compared to a noisy gas blower that has a hard time starting after a long winter in storage.

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