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Jul 10, 2012
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Pros:Great picture and sound with ease of use

Cons:Composite or component hookup not both.  Base does not swivel.

The Bottom Line: For a bedroom set not many TV's will beat this.  Just don't expect to hook old tech to it.

Finally finished upgrading all the electronics in my home and bought this set to be in the kids room.  I read the specs on it and it did say it has a composite hook up on it, but after opening it from the box I do not see one.  I read up on the internet to see where it is and the composite and component hook up are the same.  The reason I needed it was to hook up an old Xbox to it.  I use the component hookup for the DVD player (not HDMI) and now I have nothing to hook the old Xbox too.  I expected to be able to hook up both to the TV.  A little trickery by Samsung.  It also has two HDMI ports which is fine for a small TV but I will not be using those at this time.

So, after that little disappointment, let's talk about the TV itself.  LED but in reality all LED TV's are LCD's in disguise.  This TV is edge lit and the clarity over my other small LCD TV is much better.  The thing I like most about this set is the sound.  Clear and crisp.  Perfect for a bedroom or kitchen.  As my son gets older I am sure this TV can double as a monitor for a computer and will be handy for watching sports in HD when the kids dominate the main TV with their gaming.

Set up was easy.  Remove the TV from the box, hook the stand on two plastic pegs and screw tight two screws.  The base is not a swivel base which was a little disapointing.  You would think that would be standard for a small TV.  If this becomes a monitor I will probably buy a small wall mount to allow for tilting the set.  The range of view is good and laying on the floor or sitting on the bed the set looks good.  Rich blacks and nice whites.

Adjusting the settings was a breeze.  The TV came with it set on standard and after playing with the setting the TV stayed on that and I just lowered the color a touch and increased the brightness. 

Using an OTA antennae the set picked up all the channels easily and I could delete those I did not want to view without even needing to check the manual on how to do it.  The set also picks up a signal to tell you what is on next and over the next few hours.  It makes it really nice to see what is on next instead of channel surfing hoping to find something to watch.  Great TV but it is on the smaller side. 

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