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Jul 12, 2012
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I was not expecting this dishwasher to be amazing, especially since it was the least expensive stainless steel model I could find. I was using to replace my Miele, that was being moved to my new house.

This one was just to make the new buyer happy. I did not think that I would need to make TWO service calls within the first month of use.

First thing that happened was that a rubber spatula slipped onto the exposed heating element, melting and smoking. New heating element, not on warranty, $175 inclduing service call.

Two weeks later the unit stopped draining. Service person came out (Frigidaire, owned now by Electrolux), does not have their own service, so you are at the mercy of whomever you find.

Service person came out next day, looked at the unit, and figured out it was either the pump or some elbow that is not functioing. Had to wait 2 days for parts, and another week for an appointment.

And when it does work, it does a very POOR job of cleaning and sounds like a jet plane at takeoff. 

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