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Jul 19, 2012
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Pros:Good Customer Service.

Cons:Bad product, stuck buttons, broken screen, just plain bad.

The Bottom Line: Really Bad Product

I got this product years ago, and to be honest, it sucked. At first when I started using it, it worked fine, but then when my warranty was up, that's when it started to break. It's not touch screen, so there was buttons on the side to use. Like I said, everything was working fine until my warranty stopped working. I had to press the button's a lot, and they started to get stuck, and it was hard to use them after they got stuck. So I told the company about the button's getting stuck, so they gave me a new one, and you know what happened, the screen cracked. I couldn't see not one thing, I couldn't play my music, or see any of my pictures. And by the time I told the company, my warranty was up, so I was really mad about that. It was just a stupid product that was never meant to be made. I would not waste my money on this, I would get a better, more up to date one. What I like about it was that the customer service was not hard to work with, it was just the product was bad, the cooperated, and helped me all the way, even though it didn't help that much, considering it broke again after they gave me a new one.

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