Great Closed Headphones

Jul 20, 2012 (Updated Jul 20, 2012)
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Pros:handle bass well
block outside noise very well
solid construction
excellent overall sound

Cons:make your ears warm
may cause discomfort with extended listening
probably not ideal for frequent travel

The Bottom Line: If you like listening to music (or recording music), these headphones are a great value and have an excellent sound, and I recommend buying them.

I purchased these headphones over a year ago with a Little Dot Mk II Tube Headphone Amp and the HRT Music Streamer II High Resolution USB D/A Converter. The combination of a digital-analog converter and amp really helps these headphones sound amazing. I listen to a few different genres of music: classical contemporary, electronic, folk rock, house, hip hop, and occasionally jazz--these headphones do not disappoint with any of those styles. There is rich detail, especially when listening to hi-fidelity recordings. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I have no complaints about the sound of these cans. The bass sometimes is a little more noticeable than with other headphones, but I don't dislike that--it's a personal preference.

In terms of build, the ATH-M50's are very solid. The coiled cord is thick and durable. The headphones are made of heavy plastic, but I haven't had an issue with this in over a year of regular use. Someone who travels frequently may want to get a lighter pair--these headphones are relatively heavy, and the cord is long. If you do extended listening in these headphones, expect your ears to get hot. Also the shape of the headphones tends to put very slight pressure on my head, so if I wear them for more than an hour or so it's uncomfortable.

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