Magic Machine one day, Boat Anchor the next

Jul 27, 2012
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Cons:Company KILLS YOU OFF when they think you're too old...

The Bottom Line: Fujitsu's software legacy support policy makes this otherwise beautiful product a NO-DEAL.

Scansnap is a fine machine - my office went paperless with its help -  but if you were told that in 5 years at midnight it would suddenly STOP and that your ONLY recourse the company would have is to buy a new one, would you still buy it?  Well, they won't tell you that is the case, but I will.  It just happened.

I have owned a Scansnap for five years and it has performed flawlessly.  I have recommended it to friends and colleagues so often I have been accused of taking money from the company.  And I believed it.  THEN - Mac updated their OS and Fujitsu announced that it is no longer supporting my scansnap...  And in an instant it was useless.

I called Fujitsu and they confirmed that they no longer will support the product I had so recommended.  Their advice - sell it to a sap with an older operating system or buy a newer machine.  I write this only because aside from the scanner picking up too many pages when first turned on, it has been a flawless companion and the second-most important item on my desktop (my mac being #1)   

Fujitsu needs to rethink their policy very hard.  I have a 1933 Underwood typewriter that continues to work (not that I use it) and as long as the company was in business, they honored their commitment to its product.  I drive a 20 year old Volvo that still makes parts and is proud of their old product. At home my wife uses my old 2000 era iMac, and even Apple continues to support its old OS.  

A simple policy change could fix this.  In the meantime, I am exploring the Canon line (I have used Canon cameras and printers for years, and they always support their older product lines) - and in the future, my purchases and recommendations will no longer be for the Fujitsu Scansnap.  Sorry.

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