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Jul 28, 2012 (Updated Sep 17, 2012)
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Pros:excellent cleaning ability
ability to change settings easily
has child proof lock
energy efficient and uses less water


The Bottom Line: Bottom line - I love this washer.  My clothes are really clean with minimal water and easy to dry.

We live in a house in Los Angeles where space is a premium consideration.  We had a 31 inch clearance with our old stackable washer and dryer finally died.  It is basically a laundry closet.  We needed a stackable unti to fit in to our allocated space. 

This machine is an electric  front loader which makes for easy loading and unloading of clothes.  The tub capacity is 5.0 cubic foot capacity which is good for our family of four (two small children).  This is an energy efficient model and uses very little water to wash clothes.  The unit weighs about 250 pounds and the dimensions are Depth 31.51 inches Width 27 inches Height 38.50 inches.  It is almost the same dimensions as our old stackable unit.

I load the clothes in, select the knob with ten settings such as bulky, cold wash, delicates, large, timed dry, touch up,etc..  You press the on button, select the cycle and press the go button.  The door locks with an audible click with the red light indicator on and away you go.  I like the lockinjg feature as I have a curious three year old. The door is glass and you can see the water trick down as the clothes are turned and agitated left and right.  Again, this is a very difference concept with our old washer with a tub full of water and the clothes are covered with water and soap.

The unit is very quiet with no moving parts or churners.  Once I turn it on, I don't hear it, even during the spin cycles.  I really like that feature.

It is estimated that we will save 90 gallons of water annually.  I am happy with that.  You can select from several spin cycles.  On the normal cycle, my clothes are practically dry when finished.  There is an audible buzz when the cycle is complete. 

A normal cycle is about 1 hour from start to finish which is a little longer than my old unit.  However, I feel the clothes are cleaner with less wear and tear.  This unti reads the time in a digital display which gives it a high tech feel. 

Consumer Reports rated this model vey high and I am loving it. 

I am very happy with this unit.  It is made of durable material, the glass front door is very heavy and is easy to load and unload. I use this washer as a stacking unit with the Whirlpool front loading dryer on the top.  I will review that seperately.

My only complaints are that the washer can smell musty due to water collecting in the door in the bottom of the plastic rubber liner.  I check that each time I use it to ensure a stray sock has not gotten lodged in there.

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