Logitech Webcam C310: A Review

Jul 29, 2012
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The Bottom Line: Overall I might recommend it to younger people who don't really mind quality but I wouldn't recommend it for people that care for quality.

Okay so my mom bought this for me as a Christmas present some time ago. At first I absolutely loved it because I had never owned one before..until I realized the quality of it. The quality is somewhat good but not as good as I had hoped. It is actually a very sturdy product and has been dropped several times and STILL works. I can't say about other webcams since I have never owned one other than this one so I can't exactly compare it to others. Let's just say that it is very...different than other higher quality webcams. Now by higher quality I do not mean those that are expensive. There are some high quality webcams that are very cheap. I would definitely recommend this to people who aren't looking for too big of quality. The product itself is very cheap and normally kids don't care too much for quality in my opinion. It's kind of fuzzy although it's been dropped a lot it still has the same quality as I bought it which is good BUT it's just not for me. Though if you want to be sure of the quality just look at some videos where they use a webcam with the same name and everything else. I'm sure that you may find the quality sustainable, though I would  rather use a camera for taking picture and video.

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