Excellent dishwasher - very quiet - great performer

Jul 29, 2012 (Updated Jul 29, 2012)
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The Bottom Line: I'm very glad I made this purchase.   I don't always write a review but I believe Bosch deserves it!

When I looked at the Bosch, they were advertised as being quiet and I figured like my old one it would be noisy. I was wrong. This dishwasher is so quiet that I can barely hear the water swishing when I'm standing next to it. When I leave the kitchen I cannot hear it at all. I have excellent hearing too.

There were 2 things that concerned me about this dishwasher - it has no dry element and no hard food disposal system. I'm happy to say that the lack of these items are NOT problems. The dishwasher comes with a filter that's very easy to remove that will catch anything like bones. I don't rinse my dishes but I also don't put them in the machine with bones on them. I've left baked on cheese, dried gravy and very small pieces of potato on my plates, and after the wash the dishes are sparkling clean. No cheese - no potato - just squeaky clean. I was removing the filter, but I've yet to find anything in the filter. It must be big chunks of hard stuff that the filter catches. Most food particles are flushed away during the draining process. So this food grinder disposal contraption really only adds noise to your dishwasher and wastes power in my opinion. I'm happy not to have it.

As for the element, it's not needed. The Bosch dishwasher heats the rinse water up to such a hot temperature that the water rapidly evaporates from the dishes. I haven't found any water on my plates, pots/pans, or flatware. The only item that had some water on it was my plastic strainer. That used to retain water even with the old element drying dishwasher I had previously. I must caution you as to how hot the dishes are immediately after the cycle is over. They are too hot to handle immediately after the wash. That's easily resolved by waiting 10 minutes to put them away.

Some of the tines are close together and I was afraid my dishes may not fit as these are thick ceramic plates that are microwave safe. Not a single issue. All plates go in nicely. Bowls are placed in the larger tine section of the machine.

Installation was a bit tricky for me as I had to do some wiring to get the electric box (which comes with the dishwasher) hooked up. I think most people hire an electrician so it shouldn't be a show stopper. It's not complicated, but you need to do it correctly.

I was impressed with the water intake valve. It's located at the sink. This dishwasher comes with a hose that has a wire in it too. The wire provides electricity to the electro-magnetic valve that shuts the water on and off right at the water pipe! This means if the hose ever sprung a leak, water would not be running all day until you get home from work. A friend of mine had a mouse in his house. The rascal bit through the plastic water supply tube completely ruining the kitchen floor and basement with water damage. Bosch figured out a great way to alleviate this situation.

I cannot relay just how pleased I am with this SHX7ER55UC dishwasher. I love the 3rd utensil rack too. Everything comes out spotlessly clean. It's quiet. It looks great in my kitchen. The controls are all hidden at the top of the door which gives the unit a very sleek look. It feels solid when I open it and close it. It's obvious that it was built with quality in mind. This is my first Bosch appliance. I think I'll stick with Bosch from now on.

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