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Aug 2, 2012 (Updated Aug 4, 2012)
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Pros:Fast, energy-saving, sensor cook, many options, attractive, easy to clean.

Cons:A bit pricey but all stainless steel appliances are.

The Bottom Line: Heavy duty and reliable. Cooks evenly.

Three months ago our old Whirlpool microwave died.  It was 16 years old, used daily, and was built-in with a matching oven which is still working.  After shopping around, we decided to get a countertop microwave that could be built in later with a new oven when the old one dies.  Frankly, consumer reviews of ovens say most are not good.

Microwave reviews were also disappointing.  I found a website that tells who actually manufactures each brand.  LG makes most.  Sharp makes Sharp.  And only Sharp.  I didn't find any Sharp reviews but the fact that the others were so poor made the decision easy.

Four days without a microwave showed us we couldn't wait any longer (my husband was getting really snarky) so after checking local stores we headed to Fry's Electronics which was having a sale.  The black Sharp was sold out so we got stainless steel with black trim.  I have been pleasantly surprised to find fingerprints are not a problem.  A quick swipe with a damp soft cloth and they are gone.  I dust it more often than I remove fingerprints.

This is a 1200 watt machine.  It is blazingly fast compared to our old 900 watt Whirlpool.  The door opens 90 degrees to the left so I can reach everywhere inside to clean.  The turntable is 16 inches so it holds my largest Corningware with room to spare.  The sensor level cooks food perfectly.  My spinach souffles no longer come out overcooked on the edges and cold in the middle.  There are 11 power levels which can be set to change 4 different times, 4 defrost settings, a popcorn setting (which we never use), reheat, keep warm, and a nightlight.  We often cook on high by entering the number of seconds desired or touching the start button (60 seconds).

To top it all off, this is a really good-looking machine.

Advisor Amy asked some questions.  Since other might have the same ones I'm posting my answer here as well as in Comments.

The push button is easy to use. Since I was leery of fingerprints on stainless I use my knuckle. I like the idea of handles too but I haven't ever had a microwave with that feature. I purchased my first microwave in 1977 so you see I've never had trouble with a push button!

Programming is by touch and fingerprints don't show. So far it's proven to be very accurate. If you're only cooking by time and following package instructions cut down the recommended time. 1200 watts cooks fast.

We don't eat microwave popcorn so I don't know how accurate that feature is but if it's as accurate as the other features it should be great.

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