Perfect for toddlers.

Aug 4, 2012
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Pros:- Saves space
-  Safe
- Easy to use
- Comfy for baby! 

Cons:- Virtually no cons.

The Bottom Line: Bottom line i would buy this product because all parents know when looking for a good car seat, you need one with all the pros this one has. 

First, it was very comfy for the kid. On long car rides to visit our family in another state she was able to just lean her head over and take a nap on the pad that stick out of the head rest part. Which made traveling so much easier because we didnt have to bring a pillow that would take up more room (since traveling with kids is never an easy task.) Also, the straps were adjustable and would actually stay how you adjusted them! The car seat we had before this would loosen up almost immediately after adjusting which always scared us because the kid would slip out of the straps! but this one did a very good job at staying the correct tightness and everything. There was no fuss when we put her in it because overall she was very comfy. 

Second, it was very easy for us to strap in! Usually we are the paranoid one who even use that little black strap on the back you wrap around your seat  (even though none of our friends do it) so we thought this was great because there was no hassle! We could buckle it in, strap it up and go! 

Third, takes up very little room. Sometimes when we picture baby seats or booster seats we picture big, bulky, huge things in our backseats. Well not this one! It took up no more room than the child herself which we though was great! 

Last but no least! It was safe! As parents we all get worried about our carseats, well at least us new parents and with this we felt completely safe putting our baby in it.  

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