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Aug 7, 2012 (Updated Oct 3, 2012)
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Pros:Good range, seemingly good battery life for keyboard

Cons:No LED indicator lights, mouse battery dies quicker than 5 months

The Bottom Line: I would recommend to anyone wanting to be free of wires.

I got tired of being tethered, and having had several wireless mice, I decided to try the wireless desktop, however, I was a bit sceptical of the battery life since the wireless mice had had varying life spans, but usually under what the literature said.

My first impressions was that it came in a big box, but the keyboard is about the size of a standard keyboard with rounded edges at the top.  The dimensions are approximately 15.5" long and 7.5" deep.  It comes with legs to prop up the keyboard if you need it pitched at an angle.  At the top on the left hand side are silver hot keys to open applications such as e-mail, and multimedia player.  On the top right hand side there are silver keys which control the multimedia player, and also volume controls.  The on/off switch for both the keyboard and the mouse is on the underside.

The arrangement of the Home, End, Delete, Page up and Page down keys are a bit different.  There are only two columns of keys.  Home and End, a very long Delete key, beside which are the Page up and Page down keys.  The up arrow key is below the Delete key and as a result, the left arrow key is positioned below the right shift key.   There is also a calculator key and an additional backspace key over the numerical pad. 

The usb receiver isn't one of the tiny ones that project less than an inch when plugged in, it projects about 1 5/8".  The receiver can be stored on the underside of the mouse.

The batteries used are two AA for the keyboard, and one AAA for the mouse.  I've had this since the end of March, and so far the keyboard battery is going strong, but I had to change the mouse's battery, in August I had to change the battery again, so I put in a rechargeable AA but it didn't last long and I had to put in another by the beginning of October.  The literature says 15 months for the keyboard and 5 for the mouse, depending on usage.  I don't turn off the keyboard and mouse when I've turned off the computer so I don't know if the batteries would last longer or not. 

I tried typing with the keyboard about 17 feet away and it did pick up properly - although I couldn't see what was typed until I came back to the monitor!

My only complaints would be that it doesn't have any LED lights to indicate when CAPS lock, and Num lock are on, but this is the same for the Logitech MK520 as well.

It doesn't come with software to install but my Windows XP Professional machine had no problems installing it for use.  The only problem with Windows XP is that the keyboard is not recognized if you need to go into the BIOS (I think the arrow keys only work) or Windows Recovery or have a multiple boot.  You will need to have a wired connection for those purposes.

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