Skull Candy Lowriders

Aug 24, 2012
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Pros:Soft ear pillows, great sound, perfect for IPod and MP3 players, comes in different colors

Cons:Easily leaks sound if played at a certain volume, can break easily because it’s thin.

The Bottom Line:

My final recommendation is that I would recommend this product to those who love to jog, take long walks or bike rides while listening to music for some easy listening.

The brand Skullcandy, has become very popular nowadays for their products. It has become all the talk amongst tweens and teens of all ages! Actually, I have been interested in purchasing one of their products for a few weeks. When I was searching the web for some, I noticed that there were a variety of different kinds of headphones, ear buds, and headsets! I was very pleased that there was a good selection to choose from. I found one online for quite a reasonable price, and so I purchased a pair of what was called, Lowriders by Skullcandy. They were purple and white with black leather ear pillows that made each wear, pretty comfortable. I loved how since there was a variety, I could choose from so many different colors and designs from just the Lowriders alone, but I was iffy at first because my friend had a pair that she had purchased that had broke due to its thin design. I loved how to sound was very high quality, except it did leak the music I was listening to when I played it at a certain volume. I also was pleased how it was suitable for IPods and MP3 players, well aren’t all earphones like that you may ask. Well, yes but the Lowriders have a button on the wire that you can press to pause and play the song that you are listening to. I found use of this button and was pleased with it. And let me tell you, it is quite the product!

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