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Aug 25, 2012
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Pros:Black & Decker! Very affordable little appliance, doesn't take up much space, easy to store.

Cons:Only 1 speed but I guess that's expected for a mini chopper.

The Bottom Line: Black & Decker is a tried and true company.  This gets the little chopping chores done and I like having it.

A few weeks ago I'm going thru the kitchen cabinets and there in the far corner of the cabinet sits this little object.  I pull the other crock-pots, blender, etc. out and lo and behold, I still have the Black and Decker Handy Chopper Plus.  Well, I swear I broke this thing so then I figure I must have just forgotten to throw it out.  But how could I do that?  So, I lock the clear container in place and put the lid on.  I plug it in and vroom, power!  This thing still works!

I originally bought the Handy Chopper Plus because I was tired of trying to cut and dice onions.  I couldn't stand the smell on my hands.  That is one smell I don't want to linger!  And did I mention how bad my eyes would tear up every time I tried to cut an onion?  But I love onions so I had to find a solution and the Handy Chopper was it!  I don't pull the chopper out anymore to do onions since I bought the Mainstay Onion Chopper but it's nice to know I have it for other small jobs.

During the holidays I love to bake cookies and banana nut bread.  Lots of times I will put the whole walnuts in the chopper and then push the button long enough to chop the walnuts, not mince them to a fine powder.

I'm not sure if there is a difference between the Handy Chopper and the Handy Chopper Plus.  Mine has the word "plus" on it.  I have a difficult time getting the container to lock into the base and then sliding under the lock-in compartment at the back of the chopper.

The Handy Chopper Plus is very easy to clean once you can release it from the base.  However, you must use caution if you wash it in a sink because I have reached in and grabbed the blades.  I have cut my fingers on occasion because they are sharp!  And they need to be to be an effective chopping tool.

I love the power cord.  It's not very long and it has a tight spiral cord so that it's not hanging down all over the place and since the cord is so tight, it's easy to tuck away when storing the unit.

Some product features:

1.5 cup capacity
1 speed plus pulse
Dishwasher-safe bowl, lid and blade

I don't remember the exact price that I paid for mine but I researched some prices online and they are running between $18-20.

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