This Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit for dog's nails is HIGHLY recommended!

Aug 25, 2012 (Updated Aug 25, 2012)
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Pros:Quick, powerful & a safe alternative to clipping and reduces my dog's anxiety.


The Bottom Line: I'm beyond thrilled with the price and outcome with grinding my dog's nails.

This Dremel Pet Grooming (Nail) Kit is awesome! It is super easy to use and my dog does not have the anxiety that he would have when I take him to a vet for a nail trimming!

We have had a cat for around 9 years now, but she is super low maintenance. This January, we got a dog and that requires a lot more maintenance. One thing I didn't know or realize is that you have to trim dog's toenails so I looked up some reviews concerning nail clippers, but then realized that nails can split and I could hurt my dog by clipping their nails. That just did not sound exciting to me, so I was taking my dog in for nail clippings at the vet every few weeks (cost is anywhere from $12-20) which can get expensive just for a simple nail clipping. My dog is also an nervous dog having to go into Petsmart and into the Banfield Vet in the back of the store. I realized that nail grinding could be the answer and so I took him to the Petsmart Groomer instead to get a nail grinding every few weeks (cost $11-$15 total). That was quick and easy on the nail (yet my dog was still nervous). Of course I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save money, so I found this Dremel Pet Grooming Kit on The reviews were great so I bought it. I must say that I, too am in love with this nail grinder, it's amazing!

So before the first use, I had to charge it for a few hours, then it was ready to use. I snapped on the sander piece to it and was ready to go. There are 3 options, slower speed, off and fast speed. I can easily grind my dog's nails on the slow speed and honestly, it's quite easy. You NEED to be careful, though. If you get the grinder/sander part on their paw you will grind off some of their pad. You can also get it caught in their dog hair. What I do is have my dog sit next to me on a couch or something and grab his legs/paws. I separate the hair from his nail area and make sure I have his nail popped out. I turn the grinder on slow and then grind it on his nail for a few seconds (that's all it takes). It's like using a mini sander. My dog is not nervous about it at all. It is slightly noisy but not as loud as the clippers I use to shave him. It is quite a handy tool!

This tool looks like a tool that belongs in the garage. It cost me $25 and free shipping on Amazon, and that is basically 2 nail grindings (6 weeks) worth at the dog groomer. This grinder is cordless, you basically charge it in an outlet. I keep all the parts in the box for when I need to use it. Instructions are included, they didn't make much sense to me, so I just figured it out on my own. This ground my dog's nails down in seconds. It took mere minutes to do all his nails. When I grind them, some dust from the nail flies about (and I just vacuum). It makes his nails smooth and I try to do it in a round way so that they are not sharp. I am careful not to accidentally shape his nails in a "V" formation or anything that would make them sharp (or flat).      

To be honest, I was surprised that this tool would be good enough to actually grind the nails. It works better than I thought. It grinds the nail fast, so I do it fast, otherwise you could easily grind the whole nail down. It is powerful for such a small instrument! The grip is great, contoured to fit your hand. Online it says that it comes with the rotary tool (grinder) and a wrench (to change your sanding drums). It is easy to do with the wrench, it takes seconds. But I actually received 4 extra sanding drums with my kit (yeah!). It should last me a good year or year and a half I am hoping before I have to buy replacement sander drums.

This company also booasts a two-year warranty. So far it works good for me. I will keep using it and my dog is happier that he doesn't have to go to the groomer or vet! His nails are great and don't split and it seems like a safer alternative to clipping.

Overall, I am thrilled with this Dremel Pet Grooming (Nail) Kit, so much so I may give it out as gifts to anyone I know who has dogs!

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