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Sep 21, 2012
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Pros:Full size, high dpi, fits perfectly in the hand, light weight, usb plug and play.

Cons:Sharp click sound, Scroll could have been smoother.

The Bottom Line: Buy it if you want a simple, elegant, cheap mouse.

I bought the Logitech M110 Mouse (910-001600) a month ago. It is a brilliant mouse for the usual domestic and office usage. It is lightweight and has a good size, fits perfectly in your hand. It also installs easily in your PC. Highly recommended for normal everyday work. It has a good sensitivity. It works fine without a mouse pad on most suraces.
It has a simple and classy look, but it's not recommended for those who want sharp looks like razer. Also, it is not recommended for gamers who want more buttons on the sides, etc.
One downside may be that the buttons feel a bit delicate and I don't know for how much time they are gonna work fine. It has been a month and I haven't faced any real problems till now.
The scroll is okay. It feels frictional to use the scroll. It could have been smoother.
One bug happened with my last Logitech mouse was that the left click started to double click on every click. It was very frustrating because I was not able to select, drag files etc. Maybe it was a defected piece. But I am pretty much convinced the one I have bought is not a defected piece, and is working very well.
So, despite a couple of minor drawbacks, this mouse is worth its value for non-gaming needs.

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