FIRE HAZARD! KGCC566 Gas Cooktop

Sep 24, 2012
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I just joined so I can add a warning about these gas cooktops.  We have model KGCC566, which I think is identical to KGCC506 but is 36" wide with 5 burners, and have owned it for 2.5 years now.  At times the igniter will start clicking when the stove is not in use; we have found that this often happens when the burner grates are not positioned exactly correctly on the burners and didn't think much of it.  Yesterday afternoon it started clicking loudly all by itself, with all the knobs turned off.  When my husband touched a knob, a fire started inside the unit, under the glass.  Of course we turned off the gas and unplugged it, and have called Kitchenaid for repair.  After reading other reviews about the fire hazard, I"m not so sure I want to keep this model even it they "repair" it -- If we had not been home or had been asleep at the time it malfunctioned, this cooktop could have started a house fire that might have taken the lives of my family and pets.  I'm really shaken ...

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