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Sep 25, 2012 (Updated Sep 28, 2012)
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Pros:Sound great, stays in my ears, doesn't fall out

Cons:Cord could be longer,
Ugly white/black cord color

The Bottom Line: If you want great sound without in-ear design, these are the ones!

I am a sucker for good sound. The earbuds that come (or at lease used to come) with the iPhone/iPod were not very good. They hurt my ears and didn’t sound that great.

I’ve been using a pair or Shure E2’s and they sounds very good but the wire is starting to fray on the left one and they never sat very good in my ear with the wire wrapped around my ear (without the wire wrapped around my ear they would just fall out). I tried the different size adapters that came with them but nothing really worked.

So I started to shop around for another set in the one hundred dollar range. The Klipsch S4 were at the top of my list but then I remembered that my wife got a set of these Bose earbuds for her birthday because she dosen’t like in-ear earbuds. I tried hers out and I was amazed at the clarity of the sound.

These earbuds sit just outside the ear canal and have little silicone wings/flaps that go in the folds of your ears to hold the earbuds in. Since they don’t seal up your ear canal they don’t really block much other sound. I tried using them to mow the lawn and they just can’t do the job to isolate the mower. I’ll hang onto the E2’s for yardwork. I can’t really fault them for this design and they are great for jogging and things where you might want to hear things like approaching cars.

The cables are made of a silicone type material that has a slick feel. Everything feels very well made and I hope they last a long time. They are a bit shorter than my E2’s but they were long enough to get to my running shorts pocket and my ears without any problems. One complaint is that they have this weird black/white color scheme that has a candy stripe look to it. I seriously thought of using a sharpie to make them all black.

I got the model that has the iPhone remote inline with the right earbud. It seems to work fine and you can also adjust the volume up/down and answer/hang up pretty easily. The mic sounds OK, my wife could understand me fine when she called while I was jogging.

The actual sound from the earphones is very crisp. Comparing them to the E2's I feel more like I am in a room listening to a live performance. Since they don't seal in the ear canal they can't get the bass thump most people are used to from earbuds. So in reality I think they sound better, but if you are looking to rattle your skull they may not be for you.

Overall I am very happy and look forward to lots of good music.


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