Plastic shelves constantly break, water filter problems, customer service sucks

Oct 8, 2012 (Updated Oct 8, 2012)
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Pros:Looks great, very quiet, energy efficient

Cons:Plastic shelves and parts crack and break, horrible customer service, water filtration system doesn't last

The Bottom Line: Would be great if it could last.  In my case it only lasted for less than a year, and then plastic parts started to break. Stay away from Samsung!

We've purchased this Samsung refrigerator to replace a 16 years old GE. We wanted a French door model, and we were told that all new French door GE models now are manufactured by Samsung anyway, so we decided to get a Samsung refrigerator instead.

It was a great refrigerator for the first 10-11 months after we purchased it - great temperature control, very quiet, very energy efficient.  The water filtering and ice maker worked great. French door made access very convenient.

And then all the plastic parts inside started to crack and break! Within two weeks the central drawer rails broke, and so did three door shelves.
And then we learned that Samsung’s customer service also sucks!!! Since the unit was still under warranty, Samsung shipped us replacement shelves and parts.  If would have been great, but one of the replacement shelves they sent was wrong type. We called them again, and they said they’d send a replacement, but it never arrived.  We’ve called again, but by then the 12 months warranty was up, and Samsung’s customer service refused to replace wrong part they sent just a few weeks ago.

The troubles didn’t end there either. Now there is something wrong with the water filtration system – new filters last for about 1-2 months and then the water starts smelling like chlorine. We’ve stopped using the water filter and ice maker at all. I know these things don’t last very long, but just 15 months???

And within a few months all the replacement shelves quickly cracked and broke again.  I suspect Samsung is using very cheap plastic that can’t handle cold temperatures without getting brittle and breaking. The old GE we replaced with Samsung developed all kinds of problems in its old age, but none of the plastic shelves in it ever broke in 16 years!

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