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Nov 21, 2012
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Pros:Sooo comfortable, very stylish, affordable


The Bottom Line: Skullcandy inkd Headphones are the only headphones I use with any device!

I was using the iPhone earphones forever, and I hated them.  They hurt my ears after just a couple of hours.  When I discovered, I really needed a pair of earphones that were comfortable enough to let me sleep and not have sore ears the next day.  My friend had a pair of Skullcandy earphones in about every colour but she is one of these people who likes t-shirts and bracelets with skull and cross-bone designs, so I thought 'Those are too young for me.'  She went on to tell me about their comfort level.  I broke down and tried them, and to be perfectly honest,  I haven't used anything since.

Skullcandy earbuds fit into your ears with an ultra soft bud, and the sound quality is amazing.  I can sleep all night with these earphones in.  The back of each earphone has a neat little skull on them and then there is also a touch volume slide on the left bud.  The ear phones don't have an 'L' or 'R' on them, but it really makes no difference in my opinion because they are so comfortable either way.  You just place the soft dome inside of the opening in your ear and it locks into place with no pain or uncomfortable feeling on the outer parts of the ear.

The sound feels like it's coming from the middle of your brain, which is the whole point of the earphones.  They have a very long cable you won't tug whatever device you have them plugged into.  They fit snug in your ear and they will stay in place all night while you sleep.  I fall asleep listening to my ear phones every night, normally with an e-book but sometimes with music as well.  I use them with my Kindle Fire and my iPhone.

The great thing about Skullcandy inkd Headphones are all of the fun colours you can get.  I prefer to get the plain white or black ones, but there are so many different types and fun colours.  The other great thing about these headphones is that they are very affordable.  I always pick up a set whenever I go to TJMAXX, because they are always about $9.95 there.  I have seen them as high as $19.95 but you can definitely get them less expensive. 

I have had a few pairs where after some time, one of the ear buds will go bad and stop emitting the sound.  I simply go and replace them with a new pair because I always have them in my ears.  If I spend $10 every three months on great sounding, comfortable, stylish headphones that I love, I think that's a reasonable price to be happy.  The Skullcandy headphones even come with an extra set of the protectors, so if yours get gross, you can just replace them.

I wouldn't be able to live without my inkd headphones from Skullcandy.  They are an essential part of my every day routine!

5 stars, my very favourite!  Highly recommended!

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