Homelite 7Amp Leafblower Review: Meh.

Nov 30, 2012 (Updated Dec 17, 2012)
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Simple Operation

Cons:Lacks power

The Bottom Line: Only recommended for very small yards. Consider spending another $10-$20 to get a more powerful blower.

The Homelite 7 Amp leaf blower is, first and foremost, an entry-level leaf blower.

For $29.97 at Homedepot, you can't expect very much, and you should know what you are getting when comparing this 7-Amp rated blower with 120- and 150mph blower speeds and a total air movement of 233cfm (cubic feet per minute) to commercial models that the gardnerer uses. In my experience, the cfm number is really the most telling, as even a lower wind speed can be very powerful when the total cfm is high as it will generate airflow over a bigger area, which can be very helpful when cleaning up.

To put things into perspective- commercial gas-powered blowers are typically in the 450-750cfm range, and most plug-in electric blowers around 300-400cfm. So with the Homelite 150mph 7Amp leaf blower, you are clearly at the low-end of the power spectrum.

On the plus side, this unit is light (around five pounds), inexpensive (29.97), and simple to operate. Plug in the extension cord, loop it around the retainer hook to prevent it from falling out, and use the two power settings for low- and 'high' speed operation.

The unit is made out of plastic, but I have to say it seems pretty robust with a good wall thickness and decent quality material. It's not the brittle kind of plastic, but the more elastic one. This also applies to the front nozzle, which can be taken off and re-attached with no tools.

Operation- as expected, power output is pretty low. It's enough to clean up dry leaves and lawn clippings, but it does take at least 2-3 passes to get it really clean. When it's wet, the wind speed of this blower is not sufficient. Only dry stuff.

On high-setting the noise is not too bad, like a vacuum or very loud hairdryer. Much less noisy than a gas operated unit. 

As advertised, the low-setting is fairly quiet, but I have not found myself using it at all as I would rather have more power (than the high setting), not less.

Positive points have to be mentioned for shape, handle and weight of this machine. It is pretty light and not tiring to work with it. The handle is somewhat ergonomically shaped and is meant for two-hand use, however most of the time I use it single-handedly which is a bit more tiring but allows you a greater range of motion. 

I've been working with this blower for about two years now, and it's ok, but when I recently tried a higher powered unit I knew what I was missing. You can work much quicker and much more efficient with a higher powered model.

For 10 more bucks you get the next model up from Homelite (220mph/300cfm), and for 20 more you can get e.g. a Black&Decker high performance blower (230mph/385cfm).

I would only recommend this product for very small yards. Even then, I'd personally rather spend another 10-20 dollars and get a higher powered model.

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