The Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher; Yet another Saga of Kitchen Appliances Upgraded.

Dec 6, 2012 (Updated Jan 3, 2013)
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Pros:Effective, Sleek, and Nearly Silent.

Cons:Stainless steel is hard to keep clean finger prints.

The Bottom Line: Other than the difficulty of keeping it clean the dishwasher is effective and simple to use.  We are happy with Whirlpool and hope it lasts years to come.

Yes those of you following my dismay of dropping a large sum of greenbacks on the one failing appliance then you’ll be glad to know that the Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24in Built-in Dishwasher was a welcomed addition to my kitchens entourage.  Yes apparently when one appliance goes down they all must be replaced to keep the kitchen up to the “wives code.”  I submit bragging rights would be a better terminology to describe these investments. 

First Impressions
Where on earth are the buttons?! A quest to determine the location of said programming device was initially my thought. The door on the dishwasher is fully integrated so it sits flush to the cabinets on each side, which gives an excellent appeal from an aesthetics standpoint. I’m use to a crusty knob on the front of my Dishwasher that needed to be dialed to the correct setting to start the process.  Well the Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24in Built-in Dishwasher is sleek and modern; I’d also submit the stainless steel is a welcomed attractive finish which makes the kitchen look amazing.

I purchased the Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24in Built-in Dishwasher, GE JGB600SETSS 5 Burner Gas Range stove, Whirlpool WMH217XVS Stainless Microwave Oven, and GE refrigerator all at once which gave me some leverage in negotiation at Best Buy.  We got discounted prices of all our appliances, free shipping, and free installation at Best Buy. 

A side note on installation, the professionals took nearly 2 hours to get my old dishwasher out and install the new dishwasher.  I’m assuming it would be well worth the investment to have someone else whom understands what they are doing if you decide to go this route or install it yourself.  I felt it would have been well worth whatever they were charging to reduce the stress and liability if something did go wrong during the install. 


Oblivious to Operational Options
Well there is a multitude of settings on this 6-cycle washer that allows you to focus only on the top rack, go economical, increase intensity for heavy soil, and run a delayed wash if necessary.   I must admit I run the standard wash typically, but I have messed with the top rack function to get some cups cleaned quickly.  Furthermore the racks themselves are adjustable, which allows maximum space dedication for cramming larger pots, pans, or baking sheets. 

The ease of functionality makes for operational selections quick and painless; you simply fill it with dirty dishes, add your soap or cleaning agents, and then select the function cycle by pressing a button on the inside door at the top.  Once you close the door to the Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24in Built-in Dishwasher the cycle begins and shuts off automatically.  The door has a sensor mechanism where when you open the dishwasher it spontaneously stops.   

There is also a feature which allows a delay in the wash, for those of you loading the dishwasher and not wanting to forget running it before you head off to bed.  The overall functionality of the operations and selective starts are excellent and should help even the pickiest individuals get what they desire.  I would also present that my dishes come out clean on both the bottom and top racks even when I overload the dishwasher due to laziness.   

Personal Experience & Recommendation
The noise rating is near 55db from the manufactures website, now I can tell you unless you put your ear up to the front of the washer you can hardly hear it.  I forget if it is one honestly.  I must address that we did read several reviews before going into purchasing the Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24in Built-in Dishwasher, and the only complaint we found was that it was way too quite.   Well I don’t think that is a negative, personally I don’t want the dishwasher running so loud I need to turn the television up just to hear a show.

I find that the operation of the dishwasher is quick and easy since I use the same settings for almost every wash.  Using the dishwasher is easy I add detergent, press the play button, and close the door.  Finally the size of the dishwasher helps me maximize the amount of dishes within the racks where my previous dishwasher did not accommodate some of my large kitchenware.  The utensil rack can be moved, from inside the rack to the backside of the door, which gives additional room on the bottom rack if need be.   Additionally the food trap breaks up the deposits of larger material which prevents me from having to dig back there to remove built up food particles and cuts down on the smell of rotten food. 

 I choose to upgrade the appliances last March, and I wanted to wait awhile to determine a few things before I wrote any type of review regarding my experience.   First when you use something for a period of time you get to understand the quirks and its functionality.  The Whirlpool WDT710PAYM 24in Built-in Dishwasher has been effective and a pleasure to use, I can easily recommend it to anyone looking for an effectively quite dishwasher.

Additional Kitchen Appliance Upgraded 

GE PSHF9PGZBB (29.1 cu. ft.) fridge

GE JGB600SETSS 5 Burner Gas Range stove

Whirlpool WMH217XVS Stainless Microwave Oven

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