Oster Food Dehydrator

Dec 9, 2012
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Pros:price, durable, easy to use

Cons:no fruit roll up or herb drying sheets, does not have adjustable settings

The Bottom Line: great dehydrater for beginers

As an early christmas present this year my oldest daughter decided to buy me an Oster FPSTDH0101 food dehydrator. I guess she got it for me because I had been borrowing one from my mom in oder to dehydrate deer jerky. However I think it was also because we were watching some youtube videos on dehydrating other types of food for backpacking and she knew I was very interested in experimenting with dehydrating my own stuff for backpacking. 

One of the reasons she bought the Oster food dehydrator is because it is a very inexpensive model that you can pick up for under fifty dollars at most stores in our local area. I like the fact that they are easy for anyone who is just begining to learn how to dehydrate their own food because there are no settings it is just a matter of plugging it in and turning it on to use it. However, you need to read the manuel that comes with it to know aproximately how long to leave different types of food in the dehydrator for the best results. 

This particular food dehydrator comes with five round trays that stack on top of each other and they have a hole in the middle which allows the air to circulate through the trays. However, the heating element is in the bottom of the unit and the lid is a light weight vented plastic top that allows you to check on the food at any point during the dehydrating process. It is recommended that you ocassionally flip the food over and rotate the trays to allow for even drying. Cleaning the trays is not hard if you use a bottle brush that can get between the holes in the tray to make sure you get it clean.

Of course, if you really get into dehydrating a variety of different foods you may want to buy some fruit roll up sheets or herb drying sheets that will fit into these trays for more versatility because they do not come with this model of food dehydrator. However if you don't have a lot of money you can cut sheets of plastic canvas to fit in the trays and they work just as well as the herb drying sheets. After all, the herb drying sheets are just a perforated piece of plastic with smaller holes which allow you to dry smaller pieces of different vegetables without them falling through to the bottom of the unit. 

Of course, my mom has had her Oster FPSTDH0101 food dehydrator for about three years now and we both have used it and it seems to be more durable and dependable than any other brand that I have used in the past.

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