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Dec 26, 2012
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Pros:Cost, comfort

Cons:customer care.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend it, only because of the good reviews I have read, but would warn of the terrible customer service.

I purchased this car seat after looking around for 4 months, to find the right switch from our Safety First infant carrier. I felt this was the most affordable, while also comfortable and safe.

There have been great reviews from parents all around, so I believe I may be the problem. I have double and triple checked reviews and booklets to make sure I did everything right. I have called customer care and tried to discuss with them this issue, so there is nothing I can do, but give this 2 stars. The extra star is only due to the fact that assemble was easy, and it worked well for 2 days.

Assembly: Assembly was super easy. Out of the box, the only thing to do was put the slip cover on and hook up the straps to the correct size (We found that the second slot in the set of three worked best for us) - You put the clips on the strap, and you are good to go.

The Seat: Underneath the head rest area, there is a Styrofoam type piece for extra comfort. This is awesome! Other cheaper models did not have this, and it is a big bonus. The syrofoam is clipped in with a plastic type bolt, and it is securely on there.
The fabric itself is not plush or all the comfortable, but it does the trick. My son tends to wreak havoc on seats, so I was not concerned with the fabric, as long as the seat was comfortable. There is a pillow type headrest, but it was awkward and my son hated it. It Velcros on the seat by the headrest.
There are clips to secure the seat cover, and these are very tight and secure as well. They clip to the bottom portion of the seat.

Hooking it up to the car: I have heard this is an issue for some, but we have 4 cars: Murano, Avalanche, Cadillac Stx and a Malibu Maxx- None are two doors, and quite roomy, but we easily could fit people in the back seat while this was hooked it.  As long as your putting it on the right hooks in the car, it will be very secure. We use the two side hooks and the lap belt for this seat, and once his weight it distributed, I felt he was very safe.

The bad: After hooking it up to the car and using it for two days, We had to tighten the hook in the car - (we are unsure why it was loosened, but we can not say this was an actual issue since we never got the chance to see it happen again). There is a lever to press while you pull the strap tighter, and it is very helpful for the car install. My husband pressed the lever and pulled tight, but it wouldn't budge. He tried with all his might, I even gave it a go, and there was nothing we could do. we were able to loosen it, but not tighten it. The strap on the mechanism was twisted, and so it will not allow us to tighten it. We have tried everything possible to unfold this piece of strap, but we are not able to do it. We wound up having to buy a new seat on the spot (we were at a store when this happened) because we could not get our son home.

We are aware that this was probably human error, and there is no issue with this, but my problem was when I called Evenflo to see if I could purchase a new piece (I could easily remove the strap and add a new one) - They told me I could not, they do not sell that piece. I have another seat, so it has been less then a hassle, then if we could not have afforded to get another seat right away.

Due to their customer care, or lack there of, I have opted to avoid Evenflo all together. I do not like dealing with a company who I can not count on to help me out when I have an issue with their product.

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