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Pros:QUIET, Energy Star, cleans well, dishes do not conduct the cold upon removal from machine

Cons:Quirky set up of racks, smaller than expected

The Bottom Line: I think this is a good option for smaller families even with the cons.  I would let a friend know the cons I presented however.

Due to the crazy price of replacement racks for my still working dishwasher and our terrible luck with buying replacement parts only to have the repaired product go up within a few months of replacement, we decided to just go ahead and buy a new dishwasher.  Racks for our current machine were $300 for the pair and it was really hard to justify the expense when the dishwasher was at least 15 years old and I actually could get a new dishwasher for $150 more if I wasn't picky about the coloring.  I was looking for a quiet and efficient machine, in particular an Energy Star rated machine, so our search began.

We went to the major retailers around and most of them had the same names in the store.  I was either finding machines that were on the low end of the spectrum which were way too basic, some still operating with dials or high end machines that I didn't not feel warranted their prices with options I had no need for.   I was having a harder time trying to find the black front I wanted without paying a much higher price.  The one I most liked was a Sears machine, but the door color (black) was an extra $200.  I wasn't willing to pay that for one of the normal colors that are being produced.   After having looked around extensively, I made a decision to turn to the net.  It was there that I came across many more brands that were available, but not in our brick and mortar stores.  The one that struck me was Bosch.  We lived in Germany many years ago and we had a Bosch dishwasher in our home there that I was very pleased with.  Even in 1984, they were very quiet machines and totally efficient when it came to cleaning.  I found a net retailer that had a great deal going on.  The machine I was looking at included 2 miles per dollar in a airline mileage program I belong to, offered free shipping, $40 rebate on the machine and a $100 card.  Pretty sweet deal.  Down side is while I could read reviews about the machine (and the ones I found were a mix) I couldn't physically touch the machine.  It didn't really matter as I found nothing around our area that suited me where a new machine was concerned. The price was right, the extras were a plus, so we went for it.

I ordered the machine on 23 December.  The company called on Christmas Eve to arrange delivery with me.  They told me when it was in town, they would give me a call....they were expecting it to be delivered on the 26th or 27th of December.  Pretty fast considering the holiday and weekend were in there.  We were called again on the 26th to say they were going to deliver on the 27th and was a time frame of 8 to 12 good for us.  Hubby took off work and waited for the delivery, which for the first time ever delivered on the early side.  It gave him lots of time to install it.

Now the good and the bad.  We live in a 100 year old home.  Insulation is ok at best.  It's there, but it's not great like a new home would be.  When we had our last dishwasher, it just had fiberglass surrounding the case.  Many times, I would pull the dishes out and they were ice cold.  Where this got to be an issue was with some of my glassware.  We just purchased a new French press pot due to the glass interior cracking when I poured hot water into a the beaker I had removed from the old dishwasher.  I thought I had let it get to room temperature, but I guess it wasn't enough.  There were other things that this had happened to as well, but this is just one incidence of how well my last machine was insulated (or NOT!).  Hubby said when he installed the machine, there is a metal like back and a felt like material all around the machine.  The interior looks to be a stainless and nylon frame.  When I pulled dishes out the first time from being washed overnight, they were not ice cold as they had been in the past.  They were actually room temperature.  Hopefully there will be no more worries about hot food on a cold plate....that's bad on so many fronts!

I initially wanted a machine with the controls on the top of the door.  This one does not have that, but it was something that I could deal with.  There are several buttons in front with seven different options for wash ranging from Rinse to Heavy Wash  In the few days I have owned it, I have used three of the options and have been wowed by how clean my dishes look, compared to my old machine.  This machine requires the use of a rinse agent, which we did get a sample of and of course will need to purchased during our ownership.  The nice thing is there is an indicator light when the addition of rinse solution is required.  Really like that option.  There is an Auto Wash that reads the size and soil of each load, automatically adjusting the water and heat to clean the dishes at it's optimum.  Other cycles include Express, Delicate, Half Load, and Normal wash.  Dishes seem to be washed in no time using the Auto Wash and even faster in the Express mode.  Dishes came out clean, dry and ready to put away.  There is also no escaping steam like on my older, less efficient machine.  I like this.  The door seals very tight.

Energy use.....if it's anything like the washer that I reviewed here on Epinions, it's going to be noticable.  Not only was my water use curbed with the washer to the tune of $20 every three months, but my energy consumption went down an average of $25.  That's substantial savings!   I will come back in a few months with some post notes once I look at my bills and do a comparison with my electric bills from a year ago.  It does appear though that it is not running as long to clean the dishes and if we go to using dishwasher powders again instead of the new style all in one bundles which I had to go to as the soap door on my old machine got brittle and broke off, that will also produce a savings as a normal load, much like our washer that requires very little soap.  A tablespoon is the recommended amount.  Only when loads are dirty do you need an additional amount.

Quiet....well, let me just say this.  I thought my old machine was quiet, I really did.  In comparison to this one, it sounded like the garbage disposal was running the whole time it was doing dishes!  I can't even describe how quiet this machine is!  My new refrigerator makes more noise then this machine and that's saying something as the fridge is relatively quiet!  We can now hear the TV in the living room without turning up the sound to drown out the dishwasher.  Very happy on that front.

Racks seem to be made of a nylon material.  Time will tell to see if that is a good or a bad thing.  I'm so tired of *Planned Obsolesce*.  Don't get me wrong, I love getting new stuff, however I'm also conscious of the fact that the machine I had is still working and I really didn't want to replace it until it was dead, not to mention we are planning a remodel in a year or two.  I do not like spending money until I have to, but I also think of what I'm putting in a landfill.  I try very hard to recycle and reuse all that I can.  I'm hoping that these racks survive normal wear and tear much better than the last machine we owned.

Now a little bit about the cons.  The racks seem smaller than my last machine.  I haven't measured yet, but I used to be able to get 7 to 8 mugs (depending on their size) in a line in the top of my old machine.  This one is most definitely 6.  The machine came with pictures of how dishes should be placed.  I found this interesting as yes, my other machines have also had diagrams.  They also showed you pots, pans and containers in the machine.  This one shows dishes....ONLY DISHES.  By the placement and shape of the tines, it's what they must have figured you were only going to be washing in it, hence the name DISHWASHER.  Getting anything other than dishes into the racks is a little bit of a challenge, but we are working it.  It's an odd set up.  I should also mention that the door comes down pretty low...maybe six inches from the floor.  So the bottom rack is low.  It's a little different than our last machine, but for people that have issues with bending and stooping, this could be an issue for you.

I think the most laughable thing is the dishwasher came with a diagram with NUMBERS on the silverware flap picture of how the silverware should be placed in this rack.  Now not only am I not going to remember the placement of the silverware (you would have to have the diagram upon filling the silverware bin every time, TRUST ME!) but most of mine is too big to go into the flap as the handles are larger than the holes.  My daughter's Kenmore has the same set up, but the holes are a standard size, so not quite sure what the designers at Bosch were thinking on that one, but hopefully they read reviews and will take that under consideration.  It's really a ridiculous set up and most definitely a design flaw!  If Epinions allowed for pictures, I would have one or two up.  The accompanying picture looks like a map.  Seriously I will be dropping those flaps to put my silverware in for cleaning!

All in all, the machine being smaller for us isn't a huge deal as we are three at this time, soon to be only two in our household.  It's just a warning to those who might be four or five.  Take it under consideration if room is what you need.  We had three kids in our home and this would have never worked for us while they were here.  The aforementioned cons should be taken under consideration before purchasing the machine.  Other than that, I'm very pleased with the other features.

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