Panasonic Sweat-Resistant Headphones: Better Than Expected Sound But Not Death Metal Friendly

Jan 4, 2013 (Updated Jan 6, 2013)
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Pros:Great replacement headphones, inexpensive, color options.

Cons:No bass boost, not death metal friendly.

The Bottom Line: A good replacement pair of headphones but shop around to get the best price and ignore the "waterproof" advertisements.

If you blow through headphones in about six months chances are you know the ten-dollar-range pairs well. If I knew that a pair of headphones would fit comfortably and would last three years I'd have no problem spending fifty or sixty dollars on them. I usually try to have a couple spare headphones around the house in case one of them decides to start cutting out; that's a great backup plan but does me no good when I leave the house without them. I'll grab my MP3 player but forget the headphones, don't laugh, it happens more often than I care to admit. When that happens I usually suck it up and make my way through the day without music but when I am shopping I need something to counterbalance the mind numbing chatter of other consumers. I don't need full on noise canceling headphones but they are nice in some situations. Getting recommendations from friends or trying them out is usually the best way to go to test them out but in a retail setting that's usually not an option unless you are getting the $100.00 and higher units.

I liked the look of these and that they seemed easy to get on and off my ears; I have one pair that I actually have to look at them for about thirty seconds before I start putting them on my ears because they have a funky design to them. I went with the orange and black combo because it was the nicest of the four colors that were available. The whole sweat-proof concept is nice but you shouldn't put too much faith in that; there is a big difference between something being waterproof and something that is going to be able to handle a little bit of sweat. Even so, for the price these are more than appropriate for listening to music on your laptop, when exercising or doing laundry. There's no case for them and the cord does manage to get tangled often; I have no idea how that happens especially when I put them in the drawer and they are fine but when I pull them out they look like someone purposely started knotting them.

Sweat-Resistant Earbuds: This does not mean that they are waterproof; you are going to have less damage from sweat that you would with other headphones that are constructed like this but they are not waterproof. The edges of the earbuds have a nice rubber coating to them that is something that won't peel off but if you get these in one of the more horrendous color schemes you might regret it. You are still going to get the same ear wax kind of build up in the holes of the pieces so clean your ears! I have had a lot of headphones die from sweat in the summer whether I was in the gym or just out walking around; it's just something that happens. I have to see how these are going to do at the gym in the summer but so far they have worked perfectly although the sound isn't as stellar as some comparable Panasonic headphones.

The pieces that slip over your ears provide a nice hugging effect but they are not adjustable; you can get a good fit unless you are an elf or have Hulk ears. These are a decent ten dollar set of headphones but there are a ton of other headphones that you can get in the same price range that are comparable. It really boils down to what you are looking for; if you want something to wear when you are walking or exercising these are better than standard ear buds that tend to fall out. For high impact work outs you can expect a little bit of movement from them but not enough that it gets annoying. You are going to have to readjust them a little from time to time but that's the case for most over-the-ear styled headphones.

From an audio slant, these are above average in the sound that you get from them. These are bare bones meaning that there's no volume control on the cord and no way to boost the bass but these are in the range of ten dollars so you can't expect to get a lot of perks outside of the sound of them. When I get new headphones I test them out with different styles of music to see what they can handle and what sounds horrible. For spoken word and audio books these are a sweet pick because they deliver a great sound; for metal or anything hard core you can push them to about 70% of the maximum volume level without much distortion. These were an epic fail for death metal; they couldn't handle the beat or the intensity of the growling vocals. For anything rock or pop you can go a little louder but if you have an MP3 player that allows you to adjust the play setting from rock to pop to opera you can fine tune your listening experience that way. For the most part these are great general headphones that deliver a better than expected sound and you are getting a little extra protection from sweat so they are sport-friendly. These are not waterproof so if you are out in the rain or get hit with a sudden downpour you are going to want to let them dry completely before you see if you can salvage them.

If you are looking for a well priced pair of replacement headphones and want something that isn't going to fall out of your ear then over-the-ear headphones are a nice option. I like the design of these more than the ones that have an adjustable slide so you can move the body of the ear bud up or down; that is just one more thing that can possibly break so in this case less is more. One of the biggest problems with headphones is that the cords tend to crack internally; when you get a little bit of a cut out here or there it's usually the first sign that your headphones are on their way out. Sometimes that can be the connection to your listening device so try pulling the cord out and cleaning it before you toss them in the garbage. I left the house without my usual headphones and grabbed these at Wal-Mart for about $11.00 with tax; I wasn't expecting a lot from time but it was a lot more convenient that driving home to get the pair that I forgot.

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