VIZIO 47 inch with passive 3D technology is a great buy

Feb 20, 2013
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Pros:Fabulous picture; great 2D, fantasic 3D. Less expensive, no expensive glasses needed.

Cons:remote is not bluetooth, eats up batteries quickly.

The Bottom Line:

For the money, there is probably no better TV. Vizio models are top notch. LEAN AND MEAN REVIEW, exactly 500 words.

Vizio is a relatively new electronics brand name and is quickly moving into the fore ahead of some of the old pros.  I had bought a Vizio almost two years ago and it is still running great without any trouble or drop in quality. My brother had come over to play some XBOX360 on my TV and was amazed at the video quality compared to his Sharp model.  He wanted to upgrade his dying livingroom TV and thought of the Vizio name. He got a terrific deal on this 47” model equipped with 3D TV. I was curious to see how the different 3D technologies would compare as far as quality.

Found inside is the HDTV, a remote with batteries, a manual, two pairs of 3D glasses, a power cord and a plastic yet sturdy stand. The only thing missing is an HDMI cable to hook up your TV to a source such as cable/fios/satellite or a Blu-Ray/DVD player. These cables can be purchased very cheaply these days, there’s no need to spend the $60 Best Buy demands. You can pick up an HDMI cable for as little as $5.

There are 4 HDMI inputs, one component, and one composite. There is an Ethernet input, although you can set the TV up wirelessly, which is what we did. For those who wish to use this as a computer monitor, there is RGB PC along with and audio jack input.

The picture is clear, strikingly bright with deep blacks. It is not as breathtaking as my model, which has a refresh rate of 480hz, but it does look very good. Blu-Ray looks the best, and it varies depending on the broadcast signal source.

My TV has lots of intimidating options within the setup, yet this newer model has even more. While my model has a “sports” video mode, this one breaks it down further to football, golf, basketball and baseball options. When I think about this, it makes sense. Basketball has a lot of amber and very fast movement, and golf has more greens and is a slow sport.

I was very curious about the 3D viewing experience. My model has active shutter glasses which have to be charged. This model uses passive 3D technology and the results are surprisingly just as good as mine. The TV comes with two pairs of glasses, one basic and one Premium Theater pair, which is slightly brighter.

Depending on the source, the audio can be hit or miss.  I suggest getting the Vizio sound bar with this model.

The remote is a 6” rectangle with a QWERTY keyboard on the back. This is not a universal remote, but it gives you access to everything the TV has to offer, included the apps you’ll surely use for things like Netflix or Youtube.  While my remote is Bluetooth, this one sadly is not. I actually find the remote very buggy if you’re not pointing directly at the television, and it eats up the batteries quickly.

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