Maytag Maxima MHW6000XW Front-Load Washer Great Product Made in the USA

Jan 13, 2013 (Updated Jan 30, 2013)
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Pros:quiet, large capacity, easy dispensing of product, clothes come out nearly dry

Cons:can't change which way the door opens, price if you can't find it on sale

The Bottom Line: I knew I needed a new washer and having this one jump out at me made it a real find.

With 5 kids, 3 adults and entirely too many pets, the washing machine in our household gets a workout.  This is why after just 7 years I knew my old one was on the way out.  The repairs it needed were in the hundreds and I just didn’t see the sense in putting the money into it, especially since I was less than satisfied with a top-loader machine with the agitator in the middle.  More than once it caused an issue with the clothes.  I was ready to go back to a front-loader machine, the kid I’d had when I first got married.

Living in a small town, there aren’t many choices for shopping for appliances.  We have a Lowes and a Home Depot and that’s about it.  The store I originally bought my appliances from was more than an hour south of us.  I started shopping online at Lowes website and quickly came up with a washing machine that seemed to be everything I wanted.  It was a front-loader that had a large enough capacity to handle my king-size bedding, was a high-efficiency machine, and had a good energy star rating.  The reviews on it were uniformly terrific.  It was also on sale for almost $400 less than the list price.  I had to wait three weeks for one to be delivered to my local store and then for them to deliver it to the house, but it was worth it.

The Maytag Maxima MHW6000XW Front-Load Washer has so many bells and whistles that it intimidated me at first.  It sits a bit low because I wasn’t about to fork over $250 for the pedestal.  With the pedestal, we would have had to pull it out further from the walls as it would block the electrical outlet as well as the shut-off for the water.  The only other issue I have is that the door opens to the left, which blocks the dryer next to it.  The only thing I could do is swap them around, but then the washer wouldn’t be next to the water supply.

And yes, after using this a short time my only complaint is the side that the door opens on.  The first thing I tried was washing the bedding.  The 4.3 cubic foot drum will hold a king-size down comforter.  That’s good enough for me right there.  I was already using a high-efficiency detergent so there was no need to change, but that is the type of detergent you have to use in this washer.  I like a separate dispenser like this one has.  I load the detergent on a tray near the top rather than pouring it right onto the clothes.  Whatever the machine does to rinse it, the tray is clean when I pull it out next with no leftover detergent to worry about.  There is also spots for fabric softener and liquid bleach.  I don’t use these every load, but the experience when I have used the, has been the same – all of the product is properly dispensed and the tray is clean after each wash.

The cycles selection on the machine is great.  The NORMAL cycle gets used most of all and lasts about 60 minutes.  There is a HEAVY DUTY cycle as well as a POWERWASH cycle that does a great job with stains.  In addition, there is a special cycle for WHITES, DELICATE, WRINKLE CONTROL, and ALLERGEN.  In our house, these don’t get used all that much but the ALLERGEN cycle really deep cleans fabrics to remove allergens.  I imagine it’s great for clearing out pollen in the spring which is mostly what I’ll be using it for.  I used it just yesterday to get animal hair out of a couple of blankets and it did a great job.  There is a built-in water heater for getting just the right temperature for the wash.  The machine does a great job sensing the size of the load and adjusting accordingly.  No more having change the settings for each load, which is a plus for us when kids don’t pay attention and try to was a full load of laundry on the SMALL setting (any wonder why I had washer issues?)

One of the best features I found was the FRESH HOLD setting.  I’m one of those where life often gets in the way of laundry.  I can put a load on and go to sleep or go out and this will keep clothes fresh for up to 16 hours with venting and gentle spins.  I’ve used it a number of times already and it works great.

As far as noise, considering near the end we had to scream over the last machine to have a conversation, this is a pure pleasure.  Through most of the cycles, I can’t hear the washer at all when I’m in the next room.  The only time I know it’s there is the SPIN cycle.  Even then, it’s not too bad.

The high-speed SPIN cycle is amazing.  Even my king-size down comforter came out nearly dry and didn’t need as much time in the dryer.  You’ll find you’re using your dryer a lot less with this.  That’s been true of my clothing loads as well.  When I used to dry the comforter or blankets, I’d often have to do it two or three times and still it seemed like parts of it weren’t completely dry. Everything has come out perfectly dry since I started using this washer.

The first time using it I had to run it with a product called Affresh that cleans the washer.  They advise to do this once a month and there is a cycle for it.  I can understand that, especially with the way clothes in our house tend to sit in the washer.  It’s carried at most Lowes stores.

The Maytag Maxima MHW6000XW Front-Load Washer comes with a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as a 10-year limited parts warranty on washer motor and wash basket.  The components are all Maytag commercial technology with long-lasting, commercial-grade components for your home, including a zinc surface coating on the springs, a nickel coating on the dampers and a durable pump impeller (from the description). It’s Made in the USA which also made me feel good about buying it.

The Maytag Maxima MHW6000XW Front-Load Washer intimidated the kids when they first looked at it.  All of them except the youngest do their own wash, but a quick lesson on the basics had them running their wash easily.  It seems that way when you first look at it, but really it’s not that difficult.  I love all the different cycle selections and it’s easy to operate.  It’s an attractive machine as well.  Other than not being able to switch the direction the door opens, I have no complaints about it.  It would be a great machine at the regular price, but scoring it for almost $400 less made it a bargain!

© 2013 Patti Aliventi

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